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Using Video Ads on Instagram: Case Studies for Small Business Owners

Want to learn how you can manage to cut through the noise on Instagram and stand out lightyears ahead of your competitors? This is something that many small business owners find incredibly important, but nearly as many struggle to get to the bottom of the social media giant and what it takes to effectively captivate their audiences on the “Gram.” Video ads, reels, and stories have certainly become incredibly popular over the past few years, but as a small business owner it can hard to figure out where to begin if you’re thinking about using Video Ads on Instagram. Case Studies for Small Business owners like yourself have proven the benefits of video, so let’s go further in depth to discuss how it works!

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Business owners have a variety of options when it comes to utilizing Video Ads on Instagram. Case Studies for Small Businessowners found directly on the Instagram business subdomain show a mix of success stories from many industries utilizing various types of video on the social giant. To help you understand how powerful the use of video on Instagram can be for your business, we’re going to review some top case studies & success stories in a number of industries.

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Instagram Stories Video Ads Drive Increases in Click-Through Rates for B2B Brand

Israel-based analytics brand, Appsee, used Instagram Stories video ads to improve their B2B targeting and achieve significant improvements in click-through rates while lowering the overall cost of lead acquisition by 25%.

In addition to their 3.4X increase in click-through rates, their Instagram Stories ads had a lower cost per click than their previous advertising resulting in significant overall improvements for the brand in achieving overall audience targeting while Appsee was able to keep their brand top-of-mind for other b2b brands.

Instagram Video Ads Improve Market Share for Consumer Goods Brand

Direct to consumer brand, Clinique, was able to expand market share in Brazil through the introduction of successful campaigns which included Instagram video ads and some A/B testing of Facebook video ads, too.

The skincare brand which sells its products in 107 countries worldwide was able to achieve great success using Video Ads on Instagram. Case Studies for Small Business owners in the d2c market should look closely at Clinique’s successes in video marketing on Instagram which for this particular campaign included a 131 point increase in conversions, a 3.7 point increase in favorability, a 4.5 point increase in ad recall, and a 2 point increase in action intent.

Ecommerce Brand Achieves Huge Returns on Ad Spend with Instagram Video Ads

Ecommerce brand, Shipt, used Instagram video ads to improve membership subscriptions for its household goods and grocery delivery service. Following creative best practices, Shipt introduced several video ads on Instagram placements and Facebook In-Stream Reserve, both presenting the video ads to consumers as brief commercial breaks inside longer running video formats.

The results: a 9.9X return on ad spend, a 20% increase in signups, a 5.6 point increase in purchase intent, and a 7.4% increase in overall completed Shipt registrations. 

Service Brand Experiences 16X Increase in App Installs with Instagram Video Ads

Service provider, Streetbees, provides an app that allows consumers to share unique moments from their day-to-day activities and receive monetary rewards in exchange for their engagement in the chat-style app.

After producing Instagram video ads and videos for Instagram Stories as part of a campaign to increase app installs without having to invest significant resources into achieving their goal, Streetbees experienced a 16X increase in installation of their app. They also had a 29% decrease in cost per incremental click and their Instagram stories video ads resulted in 655 incremental app installs.

Non-Profit Brand Achieves Exponential Reach with Instagram Video Ads

Non-Profit brand, The Fight is In Us, created a national donor recruitment campaign that would attract US coronavirus survivors to visit licensed blood and plasma donor centers in an effort to improve overall donation of antibodies which could help to ward off COVID-19 infections. The brand used various types of Video Ads on Instagram. Case Studies for Small Business owners like this are pivotal to proving just how incredibly valuable video marketing on Instagram can be. The non-profit not only achieved a 26 point increase in ad recall, a 5.1 point increase in brand awareness, and a 1.9 point increase in “very likely” action intent, but they also reached 3.95 million people with their video ad campaigns worldwide!

At Beverly Boy Productions, we can help you create Instagram video ads that could be the next driving force behind success that leads to a case study for your brand! If you’re interested in using videos ads on Instagram, case studies for small business owners like those we’ve already addressed here can be found directly on Instagram.

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