Film Production Equipment Checklist for Beginners

Film Production Equipment Checklist for Beginners

Depending on what role you take on in film, you may need various items to effectively produce top-quality films. In fact, the film production equipment checklist that we have built for beginners outlines essential filmmaking equipment and tools that you should have based on the type of film you are making. Consider the equipment listed here and get ready for an exciting career in filmmaking.


4K video camera

Various types of cameras exist for filmmakers. There are cinematic cameras that are often used to produce high-end productions such as movies for the big screen. There are camcorders which can be used to produce web videos and personal special occasion videos.

And there are cameras that produce 4K footage that is ideal for documentaries and other forms of film. As you choose a camera or several cameras for your production, consider the benefits of each as they apply to the type of production you are creating.


camera lens

The lenses you have can make or break your footage. You’ll want to have lenses for a variety of filmmaking to get the most out of your camera. Consider lenses that cover the basics first and then as you grow you can purchase additional lenses such as the fisheye or wide-angle lenses that are used more by advanced filmmakers.


ESDDI Softbox Photography Lighting Kit

Start with a basic lighting kit that includes several different lights and shades as well as essentially accessories such as a softbox and reflectors. You don’t need a lot of each, but you want to have a few so as to make the most out of each set that you light.



You can get away with a lot of things, but you absolutely must have a tripod. Whether you are shooting a time-lapse film or a special event, tripods are a piece of equipment that every beginning filmmaker should have. Your tripod will help you properly position your shoot and make the most out of your zoom.


Our Sound Man Micing Up the Talent with a Lav

To capture essential audio you need a microphone. There are several options and several styles of microphones. As you grow your equipment and purchase additional tools for the trade consider smaller microphones and advanced audio equipment that will make your sound capture better.

Also consider boom poles and other essential sound equipment that will make your audio capture more professional as you grow.

Video Editing Software

BBP post production editing

Finally, in order to produce the final cut that you desire, you’ll need editing software. Some of the best video editing software can be rather expensive so it’s a good idea to shop around and use free trials to determine which you like best.

Additionally many free video editing software programs can be found to get you started. Consider programs that are versatile and provide essential features for producing top-quality final cuts.

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