Benefits of Integrating PTZ Cameras into Your Live Stream

Benefits of Integrating PTZ Cameras into Your Live Stream

Whether you’re planning a massive event that includes live streaming from multiple venue rooms or something more quaint in which you’re only going to livestream from a single set location, integrating PTZ cameras into your livestream can save you time and money on production costs in the long run.

In fact, once installed, you’ll find that PTZ camera systems come along with a number of benefits. Particularly for those who regularly wish to livestream events to wide audiences. 

1. Offer On-Demand Access to Your Audience

With PTZ cameras installed in your event venue, you can easily offer on-demand access to your audience no matter where they are or how big the audience is.

In fact, livestreaming an event with PTZ cameras from your event venue will not only provide you with the exclusive ability to instantly begin live streaming on-demand!

Moreover, if you consider virtual ticket sales you could potentially drive extensive revenue for your brand in the process.

2. Capture the Moment with Ease

Does your event include a stage or viewable area in which the primary focus will be on a speaker or set of performers?

PTZ cameras can be pre-programmed for your event to follow the action and record up close and personal.

In fact, these cameras are so accurate, you’ll be able to film with absolute ease!

Rest assured that much of the camera motion can be pre-programmed in advance to capture all of the greatest action taking place on stage at the touch of a button.

3. Joystick Capabilities to Follow the Action

PTZ camera systems have unique joystick capabilities which allow you, or your camera operator, to follow the action and capture all of the most important moments of your event from a remote location on-site or off.

Even less than professional camera operators can function the unique joystick system to capture your event and livestream all of the most important moments to your fans.

Need help with camera function? Hire a full-service PTZ camera crew like Team Beverly Boy for support!

4. Stream Events Large and Small Worldwide

Livestreaming your event with PTZ cameras allows you to deliver powerful footage of your event to worldwide audiences.

So, whether you’re hosting a massive event with multiple venue rooms and stages, or a small event that includes just a single speaker or performer.

PTZ camera integration is going to allow you to deliver the live footage of your event in real time.

5. Smoothly Transition Between Cameras

Transitioning between the various cameras to provide a livestream experience for your audience! Akin to a professional broadcast is fast and easy once the PTZ cameras have been installed in place.

One can integrate cameras into your livestream event via permanent hardware mounting on the ceiling or walls. As well as via removable hardware including poles and various other stands.

With multiple PTZ camera units installed, you can then switch from room to room. Or provide different camera-angles and views for your audience to keep them engaged and interested.

6. IP Network for Off-Site Camera Control 

Are you hosting an event that has limited space or which you prefer not to have a full camera crew present?

PTZ cameras can be integrated into your livestream event in advance of the event kickoff. And with IP networking controlling the camera off-site is fast and simple.

In fact, once the system has been set up, the PTZ cameras can be operated from virtually any location with just a few clicks you can be livestreaming an event to the world.

7. Preset Camera Positions for Repeat Performances

PTZ cameras can be connected to a remote system and programmed with a variety of different presets so that you can quickly see the camera’s viewpoint in advance.

And with the click of a button know that the camera is going to zoom, tilt, or pan in the exact direction you intend to capture the performance.

For events that livestream performances on a regular basis? Presets can be established for the repeat use based on those which will be most valuable to the venue owner. 

8. Record Events in 1080p and Livestream in Hi-Definition

Integrating PTZ cameras into your livestream allows you to not only film and deliver the livestream event to your audience in high definition output.

But you can also record events onto a local hard drive. Save your event footage to recreate additional videos of the event! Or to share your livestreams with your audience again in the future. 

9. Tilt, Pan, and Zoom Digitally without Losing Quality

Of course the quality of the footage you deliver to your audience is important.

Moreover, with PTZ camera units integrated into your livestream you can rest assured that you can deliver premium, professional quality footage.

In fact, you can pan horizontally, tilt vertically, and zoom all digitally to enhance the view of your subject.

All without causing loss of image quality or any digital pixilation to be delivered to your livestream feed. 

10. Stream Directly to Social Media 

Integrating PTZ cameras into your livestream allows you to instantly stream your footage to your social profiles! Including Facebook, YouTube and other platforms.

Once the cameras are in place, with just a few clicks you can be live streaming to audiences.

This is done via a variety of social channels with maximum zoom, pan and tilt capabilities and digital footage that is suitable for a variety of online uses.

This is one of several benefits of integrating PTZ cameras into your live stream. 

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