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Miami Video Camera crew films at Art Basel

Team Beverly Boy is at it again filming several installments for our friends at Ciroc, and Revolt TV. This time we embarked on Art Basel in Miami. Our clients needed our Miami video camera crew to capture the most innovative and compelling footage this event had to offer, and that we did! From celebrities to local luminaries everyone was in attendance, and we were there to capture the whole thing.


The history of Art Basil

Art Basil was first started in 1970 with over 16,000 in attendance. The fair was first presented by Basel gallerists Ernst Beyeler, Balz Hilt, and Trudl Bruckner. This international annual art fair is not only in Miami Beach, but has its roots in Switzerland, and also is staged in Honk Kong. Art Basel offers an opportunity for each host city to expose their work to potential buyers. Also the event has gained an audience of students and art enthusiasts from across the globe.

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Miami production crew on deck!

Our Miami production crew was prepared to capture great footage throughout the event. Everything from the helicopter drop, to D.J. Khalid to Trina taking the stage. Our Miami camera crew came equipped with HD camera packages with just the right lenses and stabilization to get awesome b-roll for great story telling. See below for some of the shots we captured.

Miami live event coverage – Teyana Taylor

We had a chance to film Teyana Taylor doing her thing on stage, as well as grabbed an interview. Below she talks a bit about her take on the new limited edition Ciroc Black Raspberry, black excellence at its finest. The entire event really encompassed music art and culture, this was truly an immersive experience.

Miami Production Company

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When it comes to choosing a top Miami production company, you needn’t look much farther than Beverly Boy Productions. We pride ourselves in producing compelling content for your viewer. Whether it be for broadcast TV, or a streaming web channel. We are on the case to bring the rawness of the event to the viewing audience.

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