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Hiring a Camera Crew in Chicago, Top 10 Jewels!

If you need to find a film crew in Chicago to help you film your next viral film, Beverly Boy Productions is the crew for you!  Chicago is full of fun, good food, history, beauty, and art that all make it a wonderful location for filming, and this city has something to offer just about everyone, so when you need a camera crew in Chicago, we can help!

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  1. The Chicago Water Tower

You may not think a water tower is important, but the Chicago Water Tower is a landmark. Built in the 1860s, this water tower looks like a castle- and the pumping station inside still works! The site is now a historical landmark and is used primarily as a gallery space to show off the work of local artists. This would be a great place to shoot with a camera crew in Chicago to really show a mix of the old and the new city.

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  1. Buckingham Fountain

Built in 1927 in Grant Park, Buckingham Fountain is a Chicago landmark and one of the largest fountains in the world. It makes for a stunning location and will definitely set your video production in Chicago apart and make it clearly “Chicago.”

  1. The Art Institute of Chicago

The Art Institute of Chicago, founded in 1879, is one of the oldest and best known museums in all of the US- and one of the largest! It has been recognized for its curatorial efforts and sees an approximate 1.5 million guests each year. You could spend your entire trip in Chicago trying to see the art galleries and museums here, but this is the top of the list for the ones you have to see, so hire a cameraman and have fun!

  1. Willis Tower

Built in 1970, the 110 story Willis Tower, or better known as the Sears Tower, is a 1,450-foot skyscraper that offers amazing views of Chicago. Hope you aren’t scared of heights, because you definitely need to be here for filming the Chicago skyline.

  1. Art in South Side

The city’s most underrated art museums- the Stony Island Arts Bank and University of Chicago’s Smart Museum of Art– can be found in the South Side and you should definitely make a trip here to check them out. Filming and taking in art make for a great day, so why not make it even better by listening to live music as you do it, and you can here!

Our Chicago camera crew filmed this testimonial video in IL.

  1. Parks

When you are ready to film interviews, you may need to find a quiet location to do so, and Chicago offers some incredible parks that help you get away from the loud hustle and bustle of the city. In fact, it has the oldest and one of the largest park districts in the country and operates 580 parks across 8,100 acres. All you have to do is hire a videographer and get to filming on one- you have a lot to choose from!


  1. Climate

The climate in Chicago is somewhat humid, but it has four distinct seasons, with wet, cool springs, mild and pleasant falls, hot, and humid, summers, and very cold winters. When you are choosing the dates to film here, you should book a camera crew in Chicago who can help you with selecting the dates that will have the weather you want on film.

  1. History

The history of Chicago is intricate and fun, and lends itself for some amazing sites to film. The first European settlement was established in 1696 by a Jesuit priest, but it was abandoned in 1700. In 1779, Jean Baptiste Point du Sable, a Haitian, built the first permanent settlement here. From there, it continued to grow, being a hub of central activity as the country expanded West, and offering a port on the Great Lakes. It has seen gangsters, Civil Rights protests, and so much more to add to the bustling economy to make this location one with lots to offer filmmakers. Even if you can only hire a camera crew in Chicago for a day, you will get a lot done in one day in Chicago.

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  1. Chicago Film Permits

When choosing to film in Chicago, it is important to remember that you will need permits for filming in most places. Permits are issued by the City of Chicago and cost $25 per day per location. They will last only a certain amount of time, so you should be sure to get permits right before filming starts and use them in the proper time frame. When applying for permits, the city will consider traffic conditions, community needs, street closures you will need, and other  logistics, so you should give your permit requests ample time to be approved, and if you have any doubts on the permitting process, look for camera crews for hire that can handle it for you so you save time and money.

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  1. Food

When it is time to break for food, you are in a perfect location to get some of the best food you money can buy. From craft beers to crafty designs, Chicago has a little something for everyone. You need a film crew in Chicago, and you need to feed them, so feed them right!
A. Band of Bohemia. If you want upscale in your pubs, this is the location for you. Five-star dishes come in among tasting dishes and bar menus, so everyone gets something they like and can afford. Creative beers brewed on-site, a Victorian-inspired space, and food that can match any mood or budget make this space an incredible standout in a city that boasts fine dining on just about every corner.
B. Fat Rice. Macau cuisine, or Chinese-Portuguese fusion, brings long lines at this amazing restaurant thought up by experts in the culinary game. The atmosphere here is one of communal tables and a diner counter, and you have to try the “Fat Rice” dish- a pork chop sandwich that is to die for.
C. Mi Tocaya Antojería. Chicago has the second-largest Mexican population in America, so it would make sense that the Windy City is full of Mexican restaurants. None do it quite like Mi Tocaya, though, with small dishes and a few traditional items on the menu, but with attention-grabbing dishes like peanut butter and tongue to grab your interest, push boundaries, and shake things up a bit.

D. Harolds Chicken Shack Founded by Harold Pierce in 1950, “Harold’s Chicken”, or simply “Harold’s” as known by locals, is a staple in the urban community. Known as the fried chicken King in Chicago, you can visit one of many franchised locations across Chicagoland. We recommend that you get mild sauce on your chicken or catfish for your film crew…once you try it, you are sure to go back whenever you land again in Chi Town! Your Chicago camera crew will forever be indebted to you!


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