10 Things To Do When You Hire Camera Crew in London

Beverly Boy Productions offers our clients the best camera crews in the business, so when you need a camera crew in London, give us a call at (+44) 20-3617-1711. We know that a city as busy and diverse as London can be hard to maneuver on your own, so we offer camera crews for hire to assist you in booking tours, finding the perfect dates for filming, and even finding the best foods to try while you are here. Check out these top 10 things to do while you are filming with an experienced London camera crew.

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  1. ClimateLondon Camera Crew

In London, the climate is warm during summer and cold in winter, but there are rarely days where the weather gets below freezing. Rainfall is regular, though, and this can put a damper on your filming, as can snow, which occurs in winter. If you are looking for the best dates to film, find a camera crew in London that can assist you with planning your shooting dates per the weather you want.

  1. HistoryLondon Camera Crew

London was founded by the Romans in 50 AD and since then it is possibly the most talked about city in all of history. It has been the site of wars, uprisings, political and religious clashes and changes, artistic movements, inventions, and so much more. There is a lot of history here that will be hard to capture in a few days’ time, but if you are ready to film a top-notch production in this incredible city, book a camera crew in London to help you do it right.

  1. PermitsLondon Camera Crew

London has 33 boroughs, and no matter where you are or how public the area may be, you need to get permits and permission for filming. Knowing what needs a full out permit and what simply needs permission, though, can be a hard task, so you should hire a videographer as an easy way to help you get the right permits when you need them.

  1. FoodLondon Camera Crew

People don’t always think of the food when they think of London, but this famous city has some dishes that will knock your socks off, so when you need a break from filming with your camera crew in London, make some of these places a must on your list of things to do while here.
A. Duck and Waffle. What else would you get here? The duck and waffle is incredible, and that is a good thing, because there is nothing worse than trying to rebrand when your signature dish fails.
B. Rinkoffs Bakery. Do you remember the “cronut”? Well, London’s version is the the Crodough, and this flaky, puffy, and sweet, treat can be stuffed with Oreos, apples, custard, and so much more, so it knocks a cronut out of the water. Try one for a breakfast or a mid-afternoon snack.
C. Caravan King’s Cross. Hey, Millennials don’t ruin everything. Avocado toast is still alive and thriving, and you can get some of the best you will ever eat at this fun and hip restaurant.

  1. Buckingham PalaceLondon Camera Crew

It’s hard to narrow down just a few things to do in London, but one sight that has to be seen is Buckingham Palace. It is historic and iconic, and makes for stunning footage whether you are getting B Roll or filming interviews with your London camera crew. There will be lots of tourists, but if you want a video production in London that screams “London,” this is the place to start.

  1. British MuseumLondon Camera Crew

For something still iconic, but maybe a bit more modern, the British Museum is an architectural thing of magnificent beauty and a treasure chest of some of the greatest treasures this world has ever seen. You can see (and get footage of) the Rosetta Stone, Lindow Man, Elgin Marbles and more- literally millions more artifacts are housed here. And the best part? Entry to all of this is FREE, so hire a camera crew in London for a day and get rolling!

  1. Westminster AbbeyLondon Camera Crew

When it comes to churches, not many more in this world are more famous than Westminster Abbey. This medieval church has hosted dozens of royal weddings, is the final resting place of Geoffrey Chaucer, Charles Dickens and Rudyard Kipling, and holds the tombs of Elizabeth I and Mary Tudor (yes, they sleep together for all of eternity). It is a busy place, so you may not be able to get much quiet here, but you can film some incredible sites.

  1. Tower BridgeLondon Camera Crew

Tower Bridge is an architectural marvel and the most famous bridge on the Thames. Built in 1886, this stunning bridge offers incredible views that can be filmed for a vantage point that will take your breath away. Plan a trip to the 137 foot Tower Exhibition, hire a cameraman, and get your footage!

  1. The Tower of LondonLondon Camera Crew

Some people find this historic space boring, while others find it morbid- you can find it a place for incredible filming potential, though. The Tower of London is busy in all of it 12 towers, but it has something for everyone to see and explore, which means it has various points of interest for you to catch on film for your production. From an exhibition of the crown jewels to artifacts from Henry VIII, Charles I and James II, and a long history in between, you can get an amazing amount of footage here with a London camera crew.

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  1. The Natural History MuseumLondon Camera Crew

Located inside Kensington Palace is the Natural History Museum, offering an almost endless selection of things to see with its more than 70 million exhibits. When you want to see more history than you could ever imagine in one place- and not just London history- this is a place that must be seen to be believed.

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