10 Best Reasons to Hire a Camera Crew in Beijing

From exploring Tian’an men Square to visiting the Great Wall, a camera crew in Beijing can show you all the reasons to film here, and Beverly Boy Productions has the best camera crews for hire in this incredible city. There are many sights to see here, because this city dates back to more than 3,000 years ago, so when you need a camera crew in Beijing, get in touch with us! In the meantime, here are the 10 best reasons to hire a camera crew in Beijing:

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  1. FoodCamera Crew in Beijing

It was only a few decades ago that this lively city only had a handful of privately owned restaurants, but today Beijing is showing the world what food is all about and that is why it is listed at the top of our best reasons to film here! When you film a video production in Beijing, you have to try to food! From Peking duck to Chinese traditional dishes, and more, you will find something you love here.
A. The Georg. The Georg is expensive for dining, but it includes around 12 dishes on its menu all of which are all roughly the same price. You will have to travel some alleyways to get here, but once you do, you will see why it is a fan-favorite. In this laid-back atmosphere, the menu changes, almost daily, but all the dishes are grade-A quality, so you can’t go wrong with whatever you choose.
B. TRB (Temple Restaurant Beijing) Forbidden City– TRB overlooks the moat and east gate of the Forbidden City, giving you a view that matches the quality of service and food you will get here. European with a French flair, the dishes here center around caviar, white truffle dishes, and more that will make you feel like royalty.
C. Rosewood’s Country Kitchen– Sometimes you just want to feel at home when you eat, and Rosewood’s Country Kitchen does just that while delivering ‘lost’ recipes from the Qing dynasty, like classic Peking duck, roasted leg of lamb, and others that are traditional Chinese, and not as Cantonese as other restaurants in the area.

  1. HistoryCamera Crew in Beijing

Of course, mentioning classic Chinese food brings us to our next reason to film in Beijing- the incredible history here. Beijing City was established over 3,000 years ago in 11th century BC, Since 221 BC, Beijing has been extremely important in north China, making it a powerhouse. With more than 3,000 years of history on Earth, this city has a lot to offer any filmmaker, so you will definitely need a Beijing camera crew to help you navigate it all. Also check out the ultimate travel guide to visiting China.

  1. Summer PalaceCamera Crew in Beijing

Part of that amazing history Beijing boasts is the Summer Palace, which was once a summer retreat for emperors. You can film some incredible footage in this 290-acre park, relax or stroll around ancient pavilions, temples, bridges, mansions, and a huge lake. Of course, no place in China would be without the occasional tea-house or small shop along the way, and you will find many here.

  1. Mutianyu Great WallCamera Crew in Beijing

Perhaps the most iconic place in all of China, the Mutianyu Great Wall was built in 1398 AD by Xu Da. This particular section of the Great Wall was the military hub during ancient times and features several famous watchtowers, all of which have profound historical and cultural values. You can book a Beijing camera crew to take you for filming some of the beautiful scenery here.

  1. Temple of HeavenCamera Crew in Beijing

The Temple of Heaven was built in 1420 on 270 acres, making it the largest building for religious worship in China. It still stands, offering tourists a look at what the great Emperors used to pay homage to and worship heaven. This is a must-see on your visit to China, no matter if you plan to film here or just take in the view.


  1. Taikoo Li SanlitunCamera Crew in Beijing

If you wanna get out and do some shopping, Taikoo Li Sanlitun is the place to go. You can hire a Camera Crew in Beijing for a day to take you around this campus of 19 contemporary buildings – split into southern and northern zones. Here, you will find world-renowned brands, trendy fashion, art, dining, cultural displays and entertainment, and shopping and be among people from all over the world, which makes for a great day of filming!


  1. Tiananmen SquareCamera Crew in Beijing

Another famous location in Beijing is Tiananmen Square, in the central area of Beijing City, It is one of the top 10 largest city squares in the world and has been a landmark in Beijing for decades. Here, the infamous ceremony of raising the Chinese national flag every morning and dropping it every sunset is performed. If you are willing to get up very early, you can hire a cameraman to help you capture this incredible event.

  1. Shidu Nature ParkCamera Crew in Beijing

When you want to see what natural sights Beijing has to offer, start with Shidu Nature Park, famous for its beautiful natural scenes, fresh air, cool temperatures, and stunning views. You will find places for rock climbing, kayaking, hiking, jogging, cave exploration, and other outdoor activities all in one location. This park is a perfect location to capture b-roll of Beijing’s stunning natural beauty with a Beijing camera crew.

  1. ClimateCamera Crew in Beijing

The climate in Beijing is like that of most Asian countries, with a continental monsoon climate and four distinct seasons with big differences in temperature between the seasons, and between day and night. Summer is hot and humid, winter is cold and dry, and Spring and autumn are short, cool, and can bring storms. When you hire a videographer, get one who understands the temperamental seasons and knows how to help you find one that will fit your filming needs.

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  1. PermitsCamera Crew in Beijing

Permitting in all of China for filming can be difficult to obtain, so you need to find a Camera Crew in Beijing that can make sense of it all for you. Your location, timing of filming, theme of your film, and even the people you have in your film are all subject to approval and you must obtain permission from the government before any filming commences, which can take weeks to get.

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