10 Benefits of Hiring a Camera Crew in Memphis

Memphis is an exciting city, rich with music history. Home to many fascinating museums, along with gorgeous natural spots, there’s an endless amount of places to shoot in the Bluff City! Still on the fence? Well Team Beverly Boy has the top 10 benefits of hiring a camera crew in Memphis.

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  1. GracelandCamera Crew in Memphis

Hire a camera crew in Memphis and visit one of the most famous homes in all the world. He was called “The King of Rock and Roll” and his music has been proven to be timeless. Elvis Presley’s House provides the perfect backdrop for any Memphis shoot or place to visit after filming along the riverfront. This historic landmark is an absolute must-capture for any video focused on the history of rock-and-roll. Graceland, a must see in Memphis!


  1. National Civil Rights MuseumCamera Crew in Memphis

Located at the Loraine Hotel, the National Civil rights Museum is a destination to cross off one’s bucket list when exploring the history of this southern city. Hire a camera crew in Memphis to film this powerful destination, with exhibits and collections dedicated to the most famous civil rights leaders of the 20th century, most notably Dr. Martin Luther King.


  1. Sun StudioCamera Crew in Memphis

The Sun Studio is rock and roll at its core. When walking in the doors, one is consumed with the very best of rock and roll history. Exhibits include the likes of the Million Dollar Quartet, Johnny Cash, and the world famous and icon Elvis Presley, who all got their start recording here. A key destination when exploring the history of the rock genre, a perfect exterior shot of Sun Studio is something only a local camera crew in Memphis can achieve.


  1. Memphis ZooCamera Crew in Memphis

See the exotic wildlife at the Memphis Zoo and capture beautiful b-roll of pandas, tigers or elephants. Take a look at some of the most exotic fish the world has to display. Hire a camera crew in Memphis to help guide you to the best times of the year to film these exotic animals, sea life and birds. The Memphis Zoo, a true Tennessee treasure.


  1. Shelby Farms ParkCamera Crew in Memphis

With 4,400 acres of parks and trails, the Shelby Farms Park provides a perfect day outdoors hiking and viewing all the outdoors and farm life Memphis has to offer. This park is the perfect place to capture the spirit of Memphis with your local camera crew. The twists, turns and winding trails leading to waterways will be discovered along the way. Take a kayak ride into the open water and capture that serene sunset on an FS7 or C300 only the Shelby Park farms can provide.


  1. Dixon Gallery and GardensCamera Crew in Memphis

After a day of shooting the beautiful sites that Memphis has to offer, many choose to relax and spend the rest of their day at the Dixon Gallery and Gardens. With many of activities from toddler to senior, there is plenty do at this beautiful hands on artistic facility. From puzzle solving, book reading to sculpting, there is an abundance of relaxing artistic activities for everyone.


  1. Memphis Rock N’ Soul MuseumCamera Crew in Memphis

Another great spot to capture the musical history of Memphis is the Memphis Rock N’ Soul Museum. Music is the theme here in Memphis, with many attractions devoted to a city and state known for its rock and roll and country roots. This museum is the perfect spot to shoot historical artifacts used by the pioneers of this classic American genre.


  1. Memphis Botanic GardenCamera Crew in Memphis

There may not be a better shot in all of Memphis when it comes to the radiant backdrop of the beautiful foliage at the Memphis Botanic Garden. The exhibits will amaze you and the thousands of different flowers will bring more than light to a beautiful shot, but illuminate the senses as well. Sights and smells are abundant and the botanical garden will leave you breathless with its beauty. Want to shoot at the garden but lost when it comes to permits? Team Beverly Boy can help you with that, or you can visit the city’s film commission site for more information.


  1. AutoZone ParkCamera Crew in Memphis

A minor league baseball game is the way to wind down after a day of shooting your commercial or project with your camera crew Memphis. Autozone Park offers thrilling minor league action and was named 2009 Minor League Park of the year. It offers a state of the art feel while staying traditional to the old time feel of stadiums such as Wrigley Field and Fenway Park. A must stop for any project on the classic American game.

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  1. Memphis Bike ToursCamera Crew in Memphis

Lastly on this list but certainly shouldn’t be considered least are the wonderful bike tours the city of Memphis has to provide. The River City Pedalers show the beautiful sites of historic downtown Memphis while enjoying an afternoon peddling with up to fourteen people per peddle bike. Equipped with LED lighting and plenty of space to rig up an HD camera, it’s the only way to peddle around Memphis. The River City Pedalers way!

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