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5 Reasons to Book Sacramento Remote Shooting Kits

If you want to have a seamless production when filming during COVID-19, you need to use remote shooting kits. The kits will enable your camera crew to engage in safe contactless video recording, while at the same time enabling exposure control.

In the same way, your crew would operate the camera and lighting system in your studio, your team will use the remote shooting kits in the same fashion. These kits offer the safest way you can produce top-quality video footage with limited contact & zero face-to-face interaction. Our team serves the entire northern California area with remote shooting kits, including nearby cities like Rosemont, La Riviera, Florin, and Rio Linda. To help you understand more, here are the top 5 reasons to book Sacramento remote shooting kits.

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#1 Social distancing with Remote Video Kits

Social distancing has made it difficult for production crews to carry out safe video productions. But since we all need to adopt new ways of filming video projects, remote video kits present a new way of filming videos. Each kit generally constitutes a pair of lens, microphone, lighting, and live web streaming production capabilities.

Once you share your project requirements with your supplier, they can customize a virtual filming package that suits your needs. Some of the additional equipment that can be included in the kit are teleprompters, wireless camera equipment, additional lighting, and audio. Anything else that your project may require as you follow the social distancing guidelines, our team can provide. In fact, Sacramento remote shooting kits are installed by an expert who will ensure production carry’s on without close interactions between the camera crew and the camera talent.

#2 Hands-free production with Sacramento Video Drop Kits.

Contactless video production is a safe way of filming because your crew will be executing a hands-free production which will assist in reducing the risk of COVID-19 transmission. There are different kinds of Sacramento video drop kits. For whatever type of unique production requirements that you may have, there is a kit that has the features and capabilities you need.

When you book a mobile shooting kit in Sacramento, you always have to inform the supplier about the kind of project you are producing, so that they can design a video drop kit solution that will assist you in achieving your production goals. Generally, the rigs can feature a single camera system with basic remote features, or a multi-lens camera system that includes additional video production equipment and components necessary to fulfill your production requirements.

Virtual Filming Package
#3 A Virtual Filming Package Meets Your Needs

The same equipment that an on-site camera crew uses when handling a project is the same ones that feature in Sacramento remote shooting kits. The difference lies in the ability to produce a high-quality video without having the camera crew operating the equipment in the same room as the people being filmed.

If you want to capture the footage of your project in a safe and easy manner, use a virtual filming package. In this package, you will have step-by-step shot coordination to help you with the remote filming of your viral video. A typical virtual filming package includes a professional-grade camera that is positioned on a moving cart. You also have both lighting and audio equipment on-board, and a laptop for operational purposes. The virtual filming package will keep your camera crew far from the people being filmed, reducing the increase of Coronavirus risks.

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 #4 Get Sacramento Production Gear on Demand

In case you want to shoot a film in Richmond Grove or Northgate, it is easy to schedule when your Sacramento remote shooting kits can be at your doorstep. Call Beverly Boy Productions today and discuss how you are going to order your Sacramento production gear on demand.

Once you get a sanitized production kit for your project, you will find it easy to operate the equipment. The moving cart and camera equipment are designed to be simple to use. The camera, lighting, audio, and other accessories are all organized to allow for remote operation. After using the equipment, the next order of business is returning the equipment; it is then sanitized, ready for the next project.

#5 Sanitized Production Kits for Your safety

Sanitized production kits will help you to record your project anywhere. COVID-19 continues to pose challenges for everyone in the production community around the world. To improve the production efforts of videographers, Beverly Boy Productions is offering contactless, Sacramento remote shooting kits.

These kits enable camera crews to safely produce quality videos that meet their customer’s needs. Sanitized production kits counter the challenges camera crews face when they want to film projects, with all the COVID-19 concerns buzzing in the air. Our sanitized devices are safe, secure, and remotely operated by a drop kit technician. The issue of Covid-19 transmissions during a project shoot is not a concern anymore, with the remote shooting kits.

To find out more about how Sacramento Remote Shooting Kits can simplify your project production, call Beverly Boy Productions. We will help you with sanitized equipment that will enable you to carry on with your shoots, as you maintain the CDC social distancing policies. Talk to us today for the contactless delivery of Sacramento video drop kits. We are here to support your efforts of producing quality videos for your clients and businesses.

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