23 Places to Find a Local Videographer in Hoover, AL

Searching for a local videographer in Hoover may seem like a daunting task, but Hoover offers various spots to discover top-notch videographers who can fulfill a wide array of services for your venture. Whether you’re in need of a long-term Hoover videographer partnership or a one-off project, our guide covers numerous local options for all kinds of videography services in Alabama.


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What Steps Should I Take to Find a Local Videographer in Hoover?

Navigating the quest for a local Alabama videographer capable of producing anything from captivating marketing content to customer testimonials, tutorials, product showcases, or even event live streams is all about knowing where to search. A seasoned Hoover videographer combines technical know-how, an established reputation, and cutting-edge equipment, elevating your project to new heights. However, locating the right professional, equipped with the exact skill set and resources tailored to your organizational needs, can be complex.

From hiring a local ENG or EFP crew in 35022 to finding a camera operator familiar with the scenic spots in Jefferson County, or organizing a multi-day shoot for a live event downtown, it’s essential to know the best places to scout the talent you require. To simplify your quest, we’ve compiled this directory of places to find a local videographer in Hoover, AL. So, let’s dive in!

1. Beverly Boy Productions

First on our list is Beverly Boy Productions. We take pride in our work and strive for excellence. Sourcing a Hoover videographer becomes hassle-free with Beverly Boy Productions. We bring years of industry knowledge and a team of fully-screened local Hoover videography experts who are well-versed in capturing the city’s essence. Accomplish your videography goals without breaking a sweat; just reach out to our office, speak to one of our in-house producers, and land the ideal videographer for your upcoming project. It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3!


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2. Reddit for Hire

Reddit, the widely-used online community hosting a plethora of topics, also has a “for hire” subreddit. Scouting for Hoover videographers via Reddit involves creating a post detailing your project and waiting for replies. Given the site’s 52 million active participants, odds are you’ll find a Hoover-based “Redditor” skilled and ready to fulfill your project requirements.


On People Per Hour, finding a Hoover videographer willing to work at a predetermined hourly rate is a breeze. Create a job post, and freelancers will bid accordingly. The platform’s algorithm will then align you with the most qualified Hoover freelancers. Upon selecting your preferred candidate, you’ll pay an initial deposit, with the final payment due upon project completion and your approval.

4. Facebook

Facebook is a useful resource for uncovering local videography talent. With nearly 3 billion users globally, your chances of locating a Hoover videographer are just a search or post away. Utilize Facebook Marketplace to delve deeper into local businesses and freelance videographers offering their videography services—you’ll find a wealth of options right there on the platform.

5. Personal Recommendations

Never underestimate the power of a good old-fashioned word-of-mouth referral. Personal endorsements often outweigh many other methods listed in this guide for securing a Hoover videographer. Discussing past experiences with business colleagues or friends can rapidly direct you towards a Hoover videographer boasting the exact set of skills your project demands, streamlining your search and saving you valuable time.


Designed to offer a comprehensive list of videographers, serves as a connector between media specialists and businesses in need in Hoover, AL. This platform features professional videographers from both the U.S. and Canada, simplifying the process of locating a local videographer. Select your state, followed by your city, and you’re all set to engage with qualified professionals in Hoover who are available immediately.


As a global platform committed to linking industry professionals with video production opportunities, is your go-to source for swiftly finding a Hoover videographer. The site hosts a wide-ranging community of talents including actors, video editors, and other industry professionals in all areas of video production. Interact with the vast network of creative individuals available for your current project.

8. Hoover Area Chamber of Commerce

The Hoover Area Chamber of Commerce can be an excellent resource for connecting you with local videographers and other services you may require. Simply reach out to the chamber to inquire about any lists or recommendations they might have for videographers in Hoover. This method makes it straightforward for you to gather all the resources necessary for your upcoming project.

9. Upwork 

Boasting over 145 thousand clients and more than 14 million users globally, Upwork offers a robust platform for identifying a Hoover videographer that meets your project needs. You can post your project for freelancers to bid on, or you can proactively reach out to freelancers from their extensive list. Given Upwork’s global reach, you’re guaranteed to find a videographer in Hoover, no matter where you are located.

10. Craigslist

A source of numerous opportunities, Craigslist has city-specific pages across the U.S. where individuals can either post job advertisements or seek out freelance work. In Hoover, AL, finding a local videographer through Craigslist is a straightforward process.

11. LinkedIn

As a networking hub for businesses, freelancers, and professionals from all fields, LinkedIn is a powerful tool for booking a Hoover videographer. On LinkedIn, you can establish meaningful connections with local videographers and choose the best fit for your filmmaking project. This platform offers an interactive, effective way to build professional relationships.

12. Instagram

With its global user base, Instagram is a fantastic platform for finding a Hoover videographer, among other crew members. The platform allows you to view portfolios, engage with potential hires, and utilize relevant hashtags like #HooverVideographer, #HooverCameraCrew, and #SetLife to discover videography professionals in the Hoover area.

13. Gigsalad 

Specializing in full booking event planning services, Gigsalad offers a broad array of professionals—from videographers to entertainers and more. On Gigsalad, you can find a Hoover videographer skilled in every aspect of film production and explore other service providers to meet your needs.


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Founded in 2009, is an Australian-based platform that accommodates over 20 million users worldwide. The site offers a wide variety of professional services ranging from videography, editing, animation, to graphic design and much more, making it a one-stop-shop for your Hoover videography needs.


Finding and hiring Hoover videographers via Bark is both quick and completely free! This platform links service providers with those in need of their specialized skills. To hire a local videographer in Hoover, simply perform a local search and connect with videography professionals that perfectly fit your video requirements.

16. BNI Business Network International

This expansive network of industry professionals is U.S.-based and boasts over 270,000 members, along with more than 10,000 chapters spread across 70 countries. To Find a Local Videographer in Hoover, just locate a nearby BNI chapter among the myriad available and take the initial step to become a member.

17. The Knot 

While The Knot is primarily a wedding planning resource, it also offers a range of options for finding event videographers in Hoover. You can utilize this platform not just to find videographers, but also numerous other service vendors offering various amenities and venues.

18. Wedding Wire 

Like The Knot, Wedding Wire is mainly designed for wedding arrangements but also features a broad spectrum of vendors skilled in video production and all kinds of videography. Use it to link up with Hoover-based videographers who can impeccably capture and deliver top-notch footage for any event you’re planning.


Simply Hired is a versatile job search engine where you can find Hoover videographers skilled in areas ranging from corporate videos to live events. It’s an excellent, free resource for posting about your project needs and waiting for local professional videographers to get in touch.

20. LocalGrapher

One of the prime resources for locating a videographer in Hoover is Localgrapher. This search engine offers local creatives, including photographers, videographers, and cinematographers, who are experts in their respective domains. They are prepared to undertake your project from any of the 800 locations they serve globally. Focus on scaling your business or brand while a skilled videographer takes care of the video content!


With, event planning becomes a breeze. The website features listings of Hoover videographers and other event professionals, such as local venues and service providers. Compare videographer pricing in Hoover, reach out through email or a quick phone call, and start your planning right here!

Beverly Boy Videographer


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Thumbtack simplifies the process of finding local videographers in Hoover. Enter your zip code, choose the service you need, and you’re good to go. The platform hosts over 250,000 professionals offering services like videography, including video production, to an extensive customer base exceeding 25 million.


Media Match is designed as an online community for media industry professionals and features a database of over 160,000 professionals and 100,000 media companies ready to collaborate on your next project. Finding a Local Videographer in Hoover is just the start; the website also keeps you updated with the latest trends and news in the industry.

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