Copenhagen Freelance Videographer Prices in 2023

Approximately 87% of marketing professionals in the business world use video as their primary marketing tool. Videography is gaining popularity in the business world. Over the past decade, it has been proven through statistics that video marketing is a powerful and effective way to promote your brand. 

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You should always consider hiring a freelance video maker anytime you think about planning the next video project. Our Denmark freelance videographers are experienced in working with different types of clients in the country. So, it is easy for us to work on any type of project. An experienced freelance videographer who has been working on video projects for years understands the significance of crafting an engaging, simple, compelling, and effective high-quality video for your business. 

Thankfully, the Copenhagen freelance videographer prices in 2023 have not drastically changed. While there is a growing need for video marketing, freelance videographers in 1054 normally charge hourly rates and day rates. Some freelancers charge half-day rates.
But if you go to the internet and browse for “videographer near me”, the rates you will be provided with will depend on three things: the type of video you want to create, the duration of the video, and the crew and equipment that are necessary to deliver a high-quality product.  

Copenhagen Videography Budget

If you are searching for event videography in Copenhagen, or internal marketing videography, the requirements for the type of video you want to create, and the duration of the clip will the affect overall price.  When budgeting for your project, it’s important to use the following questions as a guide: 

  1. What do you want your video to do? Is your project’s core objective to promote a new product or service? Or do you want to come up with a highlight reel to present your latest event to your audience? Filming a product is going to require the use of different staff, cameras, and film locations. Event videography does not require all that. (A professional videographer is going to look at the answer you have given to this question, and produce a video that meets your company goals and objectives.)
  2. What do you want included in your video? Videos such as explainer videos or employee training videos often include voice over narration. The price of hiring narrators is different when compared to the use of actors or actresses. Basically, the larger the crew that is needed to create your video, the more money you will have to invest in the project.
  3. Where do you want your video to be filmed? If you are unsure about the ideal location for shooting your video, our camera crew can easily suggest several venues such as film studios or exterior locations. Your overall cost of production will increase because you still need to consider studio prices and permits for the filming location. 

When you carefully go through these questions, you will have a good head start when planning your Copenhagen videography budget. Our team is ready to work with you to create the ultimate product once you reach out to us. 

The Rates for Videographers in Copenhagen

The needs of your project will dictate the cost of producing your project. But we have created a list that you can use to determine the budget for your project. In this list, the rates for videographers in Copenhagen covers the pre-productionproduction, and post-production processes. 

Copenhagen Freelance Videographer Pricing Sheet:

  • ‘Miscellaneous Fees‘: $106 to $1006’s
  • Script Writer/Marketer: $66/hour to $156/hour
  • Equipment: $26/hour to $106’s/hour
  • Narrators/Voiceovers: $106 to $406
  • Cameramen: $106/hour to $406/hour
  • Audio Files: $36 to $1,006
  • Video Rendering: $36/hour to $81/hour
  • Video Editor: $66/hour to $181/hour
  • B-Roll: 10% to 50% addition to shooting costs
  • Video Director: $26/hour to $256/hour  

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Hiring a Professional Copenhagen Videographer

Whether you want a talented photographer to cover your next shoot, or a film crew to show up with the best equipment for a live stream, hiring a professional Copenhagen videographer should not be; just call Beverly Boy productions.  An experienced freelancer in Denmark will help you in creating a top-notch video that is within your budget. Plus, Copenhagen, Denmark has some competitive Copenhagen freelance videographer prices in 2023. The weather in Copenhagen comprises of comfortable summers, with very cold, windy, and long winters. Throughout the year, the temperature varies between 29°F and 71°F. Copenhagen offers great locations for videography, they include, the colorful Nyhavn Harbor, or the Christiansborg Palace which is home to the Prime Minister’s Office, the Parliament, and the Supreme Court. 

At Beverly Boy Productions in Copenhagen, we have been working in the videography business for close to two decades. We would like to share the experience we have gathered over the years with you in your next project. If you are ready to begin filming your next project, or if want to have a look at the Copenhagen Freelance Videographer Prices in 2023, call us today – we would like to hear from you! 

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