Bloomington Freelance Videographer Prices in 2023

The effectiveness of video marketing has become apparent over the years. As a result, we have seen the growth of Videography in the business world. It is has been discovered that 87% of marketing professionals now use video as a core marketing tool. Businesses of all kinds have added video marketing into their business strategies. 


Hiring a freelance video maker can make all the difference in your marketing project. Viewers and audiences alike are pulled in by an engaging high-quality video that best represents your brand or company’s message. An experienced freelance videographer has the market know-how and skill to bring you vision to life. We have a multitude of qualified Indiana freelance videographers for you to work with.

Bloomington freelance videographer prices in 2023 have stayed relatively the same despite the changes in the market. There has been an exponential rise in demand for freelance videographers in 47403. While some freelancers charge half day rates, most have hourly rates and day rates depending on your project.

Searching for “videographer near me” should not be a daunting task. We can connect you with the best videographers in town. You should know that the type of crew and equipment, the duration of the final video, and the type of video you want to create, will determine the total cost of production.

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Bloomington Videography Budget

Budgeting for your project can be easy with the list of questions we have created. When handling marketing videography or event videography in Bloomington, we are ready to help you prepare a budget for the project. For starters, use the questions below to help you start planning your budget:  

  1. What do you want your video to do? Are you looking for someone to compile a highlight reel of your company videos? Or do you need a product video filmed from scratch? Either way, we have the right team for you. It is important for you to know that filming a product requires a different professional videographer than the one assigned for event videography.
  2. What do you want included in your video? Voice over narration is required for explainer videos or employee training videos. Since narrators or actors and actresses are required for voice overs, the cost of working with two options is different. The more people you need to work on your project, the higher the cost of production. 
  3. Where do you want your video to be filmed? Uncertain about where to film? Our camera crew can help you scout the best spots as well as offer their own suggestions. Our production company can help you get permits for different locations.

The questions are great for helping you plan out your Bloomington videography budget. Our teams of professionals are ready to take your project to the next level. 

The Rates for Videographers in Bloomington

You can expect to see price shifts depending on the desires and production needs of your project. We have created a list of actual figures to help you estimate your budget needs. The rates for videographers in Bloomington include the pre-productionproduction, and post-production processes.

Bloomington Freelance Videographer Pricing Sheet:

  • B-Roll: 10% to 50% addition to shooting costs
  • Cameramen: $105/hour to $405/hour
  • Equipment: $25/hour to $105’s/hour
  • Video Director: $25/hour to $255/hour 
  • Video Editor: $65/hour to $180/hour
  • Audio Files: $35 to $1,005
  • ‘Miscellaneous Fees‘: $105 to $1005’s
  • Video Rendering: $35/hour to $80/hour
  • Narrators/Voiceovers: $105 to $405
  • Script Writer/Marketer: $65/hour to $155/hour

Hiring a Professional Bloomington Videographer

If you need a freelancer in Monroe County to film a live stream, or a photographer to get the best angles of your product – our team can do it best. We have the years in experience and tools to meet all your needs. Hiring a professional Bloomington videographer could just be what your company needs to boost sales. Plus, Bloomington, Indiana has some competitive Bloomington freelance videographer prices in 2023. The weather in the city features long, warm, wet, and humid summers, with very cold winters. Across the year, the temperature variations range between 22°F and 85°F. Bloomington has incredible attractions for visitors. WonderLab Museum of Science, Health & Technology is a children’s museum that has interactive exhibits and hands-on science activities. Tibetan Mongolian Buddhist Cultural Center is a cultural site with well-decorated gardens. It is a place that provides a unique outlook of the Tibetan and Mongolian culture. 

Call us today for Bloomington Freelance Videographer Prices in 2023. Beverly Boy Productions in Bloomington has built a reputation for creating top-quality videos. Customer satisfaction is our topmost priority. So, if you are planning on filming your next project we are just the right team for you. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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