5 Video Production Predictions We Think Will Come True in 2023

Video production trends have changed over the years but the most recent years have seen a huge increase in the use of video content online for websites, social media, and various other uses. As a new year rolls in there are all kinds of premonitions and predictions that come to mind, including these video production predictions for 2023 that we actually think have the potential to come true. 

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Looking back, it was predicted that by 2021, 80% of all internet traffic would come from video — and we’re almost positive that that figure is close to coming true already.

But what is 80% of the world’s internet traffic anyway? It’s basically around 1.6B people! How can you ignore a number like that?

At Beverly Boy Productions, we like to play around with predictions and make bets on what we think is in store for the new year.

Our video production predictions for 2023 are based on various research studies and predictions that have been shared online as well as our own guesses. Here’s what we think.

1. Short Videos will Make Up the Majority of Production

We think that the rise of apps like TikTok and the influx of more price conscious businesses seeking to stay within budget while they produce video content will lead to a rise in short video production.

We already see that short videos make up the majority of content that is shared online and that consumers are more likely to engage in short videos than they are longer ones.

So, one of our biggest video production predictions for 2023 is that short videos will not only make up the majority of our productions but that they will become the norm for explaining products to consumers.

2. Live Video & Broadcasting will Grow Massive

We saw this trend start in 2020 with COVID and the rise in people using livestream and video broadcasting for things like events, meetings, and just for fun.

We believe that 2023 will be similar with live streaming and video broadcasting take up a large part of the landscape.

Live videos are relatively affordable to produce. They provide a huge level of interaction for consumers and they could be the next big thing for ecommerce if shoppable livestreams take over they way they did in China!

3. Compelling Entertainment will Take Over

We’ve got a lot of different video production predictions for 2023 but one thing that we expect to hold solid and steady is the shift from those old commercials where the content was directed at you.

We believe it’s transitioning to the rise of compelling entertainment that engages and offers insightful news that people want to see and share.

Brands that want to be most effective in 2023 will be focused on how they can create content experiences that their viewers engage with and find entertaining and fun.

The reality is, content in 2023 must compete with all the other exciting and entertaining content that is being posted by top influencers and viral video makers so brands are going to have to step it up a notch.

4. Mobile Video will Continue to Grow

If you’re not creating videos with the mobile user in mind, you could be greatly limiting your reach.

In fact, it’s estimated that 76% of all mobile traffic will be made up of those watching video content by 2025 and this figure is expected to continue to trend upward.

Mobile video is growing stronger and the consumption of mobile video content is rising at a rate of at least 100% each year. People are 1.5 times more likely to watch a video from their phone.

Thus, one of the biggest video production predictions for 2023 is that brands will need to produce videos for mobile users — sound off! 

That’s right! Keep the sound off. 80% of those watching videos from mobile will do so with the sound off so you’re going to have to make your impression in silent mode!

5. Personalized Videos Gain Traction

Finally, of all of our video production predictions for 2023, we believe that personalized videos are going to grain traction throughout the year and continue to grab a piece of the viewer pie.

Customers want to see content that is directly personalized to them and that connects with them closely.

The more you can humanize your brand and personalize your video content so that the viewer feels connected to what you’re offering, the more you’ll see your videos drive sales & conversions for your brand in 2023.

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