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Implementing a Workplace Sensitivity Training Video Program for Your Employees

As more workplaces become cultural melting pots, the potential for employees to feel under represented, disrespected, or otherwise uneasy with one another will also grow, but it doesn’t have to be that way! Workplace sensitivity training can help you build an organization that is culturally compatible despite the differences among your workers by teaching employees about cultural diversity, inclusivity, and how to treat each other appropriately. The decision to implement a workplace sensitivity training video program into your business can improve employee relationships while helping you to build a more inclusive culture at your organization.

What is Workplace Sensitivity Training?

Workplace sensitivity training is an incredibly important part of an organization’s training strategy and should be at the height of any onboarding and ongoing training programs. Intended to teach employees how to recognize cultural differences and to acknowledge the unique behaviors or attitudes that can come off as offensive or otherwise unacceptable to those with different backgrounds, workplace sensitivity training is meant to help employees foster a culture of integrity and respect for one another.

But, how can you get employees to respect one another and to avoid disrespect when what they are doing is culturally acceptable? How can you get an employee that doesn’t understand a specific culture to stop doing something that that culture finds offensive? And how can you get employees to willingly accept the differences in one another without question or concern? 

Workplace sensitivity training! This psychological technique works by bringing workers together to interact in group discussions of topics covering various issues such as:

  • Human behavior.
  • Different types of diversity.
  • What it’s like to have conscious or unconscious bias toward others.
  • What the consequences of bias are or could be to other employees. 
  • How to manage aggression or micro-aggression.
  • Types of harassment and how to manage things like workplace bullying.
  • How to integrate with other employees that may have disabilities and what it’s like to be biased towards them.

Many other topics may also be covered as they relate to the cultural and individual differences among workers within a particular organization. The overall focus is on diversity and inclusion in the workplace. 

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Creating a Workplace Sensitivity Training Video Program

While workplace sensitivity training is often provided in person via an instructor led course that a group of employees engage in together, creating a workplace sensitivity training video program can have several key benefits. Rather than provide this training in a large, instructor-led setting that requires subject matter experts to engage with your employees at a scheduled date, the engagement of workplace sensitivity training via video can be incredibly cost-effective and efficient as well as convenient.

In order to implement a workplace sensitivity training video program, communication must be prioritized among your team and you’re going to need to set clear expectations that encourage employees to actively engage in video training. Next, consider producing videos that teach the following:

  • Diversity
  • Inclusion
  • Sensitivity towards others
  • How to interact with others in an unbiased manner.

There are currently several online sensitivity training programs that have seen great success proving that an organization can implement a workplace sensitivity training video program for employees that can be just as successful with the right efforts. If you’re considering a video training program, you’re certainly not alone!

Benefits of Workplace Sensitivity Training Video Program

Certainly there are many benefits that come along with the decision to implement a workplace sensitivity training video program for your team. With video, scenarios-based learning or branching can be used to provide training that allows your employees to engage with the real-world scenarios that you provide in a way that encourages their interaction. Employees can choose to funnel through a scenario based on their decisions and may immediately see the outcome of their decision whether good or bad. 

Training videos like this, as well as other forms of interactive elements incorporated into workplace sensitivity training video programs can be incredibly useful. Employees will enjoy learning in an interactive manner, and since they’re not forced to learn in large groups they’ll be more comfortable and you’ll have less to worry about in regards to organizing a group, trainer-led session that keeps the team training together.

Because sensitivity training is critical to running a culturally acceptable workplace environment where employees are understanding of one another and know how to treat their peers with respect, it’s important to integrate your workplace sensitivity training video program into your onboarding or at least into the early stages of your training so that employees start learning diversity, acceptance and inclusion right from the start.

Crafting a workplace sensitivity training video program that’s right for your organization starts with a call to a professional film crew that can assist you with the production of the training program. Beverly Boy Productions has decades of experience in producing top quality training videos and programs that teach workplace sensitivity and cultural acceptance. Give us a call to learn about producing a workplace sensitivity training video program that’s right for your organization, and to get started with production right away!