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How to Hire a Sizzle Reel Production Company in Nashville

Sizzle reels, known by a variety of other names including demo reels, highlight reels, and video pitches, are short, engaging videos that present a collage-style audio and video message that is fast-paced and packs a powerful punch of information.  These short video pitches are often the foundation to any B2B or B2C marketing and advertising campaign.  Working with a sizzle reel production company in Nashville, TN ensures your sizzle reel conveys the key messages and information to your target audience in a professional manner that is most reflective of your business.

Are you looking to hire a sizzle reel production company in Nashville? Beverly Boy Productions specializes in the production of entertaining and engaging sizzle reels that are the perfect addition to any sales and marketing campaigns,  pitches, presentations, or website advertising. Give us a call to learn more about producing a sizzle reel for your business in Nashville.

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Why Do I Need a Sizzle Reel? 

The sizzle reel is a promotional video that represents a short, trailer-style introduction to your business, campaigns, special event, or whatever message you’re trying to convey to the intended audience. A professional produced sizzle reel has the power to evoke incredible energy and emotion that, when presented to the target audience, can help hook them so that they can’t help but to be excited and enthusiastic about your upcoming campaign, project, or event. In television, the sizzle reel is the strongest weapon a  creative has in getting their show on the air, and in business, the sizzle acts quite similarity representing one of the strongest weapons an advertiser has at hooking the audience and getting them to be excited about their product, service, project, or event.

The specifics of why you’re using a sizzle reel don’t matter so much as the outcome. For instance, it doesn’t matter what industry you’re in or what the specific purpose is for your reel, it can be to promote a product or service, an event, or something entirely different, all that really matters is that the reel promotes you and your work to the desired audience and it gets them excited and interested in what you have to say. Think of it like an elevator pitch or an opening trailer, it’s the difference between closing the sale or turning it over to the competition!

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Considerations before Hiring a Sizzle Reel Producer

Before you hire a sizzle reel production company in Nashville, you’re going to want to be sure that you’ve done your homework. When producing a sizzle reel, It’s important to remember the old say, “Garbage in, Garbage out.” If you’re not investing into your sizzle reel to ensure that the production is top quality and the opening footage, b-roll and all of the production processes are high-quality, then you’re probably not going to have high-quality outcomes. In order to produce an award-winning presentation or pitch, you’ve got to have top-quality footage, professional equipment, and a higher level of expertise in shooting and editing otherwise you’re just not going to see the same level of professional quality in the end project. 

This is why hiring a professional sizzle reel production company in Nashville that knows the important nuances about filming around the city and can ensure not only timely project management, but professional quality video, audio and image assets is vital to the success of your sizzle reel. Crafting a sizzle reel with anything less than top quality content going into it is bound to equal less than top quality coming out.

It’s important to consider hiring a professional production company that has experience in producing sizzle reels, too. Make sure that you talk with the production company that you’re considering before you hire to ensure that you can work together with ease and that there are not any major communication barriers or struggles. 

Hiring a sizzle reel production company in Nashville that’s local is key! This way they’ll have connections with local owners to ensure scheduling for film shoots goes easily and they’ll likely have connections with area equipment rentals should the need for a drone rental or similar equipment come up. The ultimate goal is to hire a production company that you feel comfortable working with and that has the professional skills set required for professional production of your reel.

Hire a Professional Sizzle Reel Production Company in Nashville

Give Beverly Boy Productions a call to learn more about sizzle reel production in Nashville, TN. From the Country Music Hall of Fame and the Grand Ole Opry to The Parthenon or one of Nashville’s many amazing parks or outdoor attractions, you want to be sure that you hire a sizzle reel production company in Nashville that’s experienced with filming around the city and that knows how to get around. Anything less could leave you struggling with nuances like permitting, time constraints, equipment rentals, or other needs.