London, England features a vibrant film industry with several opportunities for aspiring filmmakers to expand their education and continue towards meaningful careers in film. If you’re looking for London film schools that can provide hands-on training, read along for details on local options for London filmmakers. Each of the schools below provide one-on-one training to support a career in the London industry. Programs vary in intensity for filmmakers and offer a mix of hands-on and traditional guidance. Finding a film program that’s right for you starts here!

As an active part of the London video production community, we realize the challenges faced in the journey towards a career in the industry. Schools listed here prepare student graduates for London film production, digital arts, photography and various visual arts fields. Students that enter an educational program with core values and teachings in filming, editing and production can often advance to rewarding careers with major film companies, news studios, and advertising agencies or as self-employed entrepreneurs.



London Film School

London Film School provides students with several opportunities for educational advancement in filmmaking including undergraduate programs in filmmaking and screenwriting as well as full-time graduate programs in International Film Business and Film by Practice. Students study in the heart of London within walking distance from several major cinemas and theaters including the Royal Opera House and the National Gallery. This school, like other London film schools provides students with formal education for advanced careers in media. For more information on film and media programs at the London Film School, contact a representative.


Phone: +44-(0)207-836-9642


24 Shelton Street

London WC2H 9UB



MetFilm School London

MetFilm School provides undergraduate and postgraduate courses in television, film and online media. Students are encouraged to choose a study path that fits within their routines and schedules. Programs include weekend filmmaking and full-time opportunities to discipline students in the art of screen production. MetFilm School of London is known for productions such as The Ladykillers, Notting Hill, Downtown Abbey and The Theory of Everything.


Phone:  +44-20-8280-9119


Ealing Studios

Ealing Green, London

W5 5EP



Central Film School

Central Film School offers aspiring film industry professionals with programs in practical filmmaking including undergraduate and postgraduate courses as well as short courses and part-time programs to fit in with busy schedules. Students gain knowledge and support in various core industry subjects including (but not limited to) filmmaking, screenwriting, media production and special effects. Much like other London film schools, Central Film School courses are taught by Oscar winning, professional teachers.


Phone:  +44-0207-377-6060


Third Floor Universal House

88-94 Wentworth Street

London E1 7SA United Kingdom



National Film and Television School

National Film and Television School (NFTS) offers a range of MA and Diploma courses in film and production for students interested in creative careers.  Awarded 2018 BAFTA for Outstanding Contribution to British Cinema and the Queen’s Anniversary Prize for Higher and Further Education, NFTS graduates are educationally prepared for careers in film, television and game production. Core teaching areas include directing, cinematography and script supervision as well as production accounting.


Phone: +44-(0)494-671234


Beaconsfield Studios

Station Road

Beaconsfield Bucks HP9 1LG



London Film Academy

London Film Academy educates aspiring filmmakers for careers in screenwriting, filmmakings, cinematography, and several other areas of media production.  A multi-disciplinary approach to training provides students with relevant education for advancement in the media and film industry. London Film Academy teaches teamwork, communication, and core values in quality and innovation.  


Phone: +44 (0)20-7386-7711


The Old Church

52a Walham Grove

Fulham Broadway

London SW6 1QR, UK



Department of Film and Television Studies

The Department of Film and Television Studies in collaboration with London Film School provides several undergraduate programs in Film Production where skills in screenwriting, directing, cinematography, editing and sound recording are gained. Additional postgraduate programs are also available for students seeking to excel their careers beyond undergraduate work. Much like several London film schools in the area, this school develops students through hands-on training, one-on-one support, and traditional techniques in filmmaking and production.

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