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Are you in need of a professional Raleigh Testimonial video production? The absolute best bit of advice that we can give to you when you’re shooting customer interviews or talking headshots is to make sure that the environment is relaxed. The last thing you’d want is for the interview subject to have a panic attack trying to make sure they say their lines correctly. This isn’t a big Hollywood production looking to win some Academy Award. What you want to film is an effective customer interview, and hands-down the best way to accomplish that is by helping the person you are interviewing to be comfortable. The reason for doing this is to make sure that what the interviewee says doesn’t come off sounding unconvincing and scripted, but rather natural and genuine. What we want is to record an authentic testimonial, where the audience can truly feel that the person on screen is speaking to them honestly. The goal whenever you’re filming a customer interview is to tell a story that resonates deeply with the people viewing it. If we can accomplish that goal for you, then we have done our job. Give us a call now to discuss your next Raleigh Testimonial video production, we would love to talk about what we can do for your business!

Locations to film your interview

Whenever you are on the lookout for a place to conduct your interview you need to remember that the focus of your recording should be the content of the interview, not the surroundings. The viewer’s attention should be firmly upon the person being interviewed and what they are saying. The place and setting you choose should simply be a nice a background for the video. One that isn’t too distracting.
Audio: The audio is also something you want to consider carefully whenever you’re searching for an interview space. While you might think a beach makes for a beautiful and calming backdrop, the sound of strong winds and crashing waves will probably overpower the audio, and drown out what is said in the actual interview itself. For this reason outdoor interviews can be a bit of an issue. There are too many potentially distracting elements of your surroundings that you would have little to no control over. That is why indoor interviews tend to be the best and safest options, especially if you want to shoot a longer, more in-depth interview.

Raleigh, a great city to film

If you’re searching for a beautiful location for Raleigh Testimonial Video Production, there are quite a few good options available. The city has a number of great historical sites such as the Borden Building, which is one of only two remaining buildings on the former campus of the Methodist Home for Children. It was constructed in 1900, and it originally served as the home to the superintendent of the orphanage and later to hundreds of children. Today this beautiful building is owned by the city and is available to rent out for special events and occasions. Then there is Estey Hall. Built in 1874, Estey Hall is the first dormitory for women in the United States on a co ed campus and is Shaw University’s oldest surviving building to date. Also interesting is the fact that each brick used in the building’s construction was hand-made on campus grounds. A Raleigh film crew would be ideal in order to film off site interviews at these or any other historical sites for your next project.

The Right Tools

A corporate interview could simply be a local small business owner introducing their new business all the way to a high-profile CEO delivering an address. A video production company with many years of experience under its belt producing professional videos is the safest choice to ensure that you avoid mistakes in production that could end up costing you a lot of time and money. Our level of expertise and experience will help you to relax, fully assured that you will get the results you wanted. There really is no better way to sell than with testimonials of your clients verifying that what you have to offer is of the highest quality. And having a great professional video crew at your disposal offers you endless opportunities and benefits, on top of just producing interviews and testimonial videos. We’ll make sure that anything you need to record is done so in the best possible way, and that the end result is something you can be proud of!


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    Although it may look like conducting an interview is one of the easier production shoots, even these, relatively short and simple shoots, can present a number of problems to you that, if not dealt with correctly, can end up costing you money, quality and unnecessary time in editing. But with Team Beverly Boy you’ll never have to worry. We’re available to provide you with our vast experience and expertise in order to simplify and streamline the entire video production process for you.



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