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If you want to work with a highly-rated Orlando testimonial video production company to produce customer interviews or talking headshots, you need to give us a call. We have a no-stress approach with these interviews to ensure the interview subject is relaxed and remembers their lines. This won't be a theater performance with accolades at the end, but it is a show and you do want to produce an effective customer interview. The best way to do that and get an authentic reaction from your subject, is to keep them relaxed. You don't want them to focus on the camera, the crew, or any other equipment, but you do want them to look into the camera and make a connection with the audience. You want to hear heartfelt, genuine testimony. The interview doesn't have to be perfect, and some flaws make the interview more relatable for the audience. Shooting customer interviews requires a good story, emotion, and an interviewee that is approachable and believable. When the audience connects with the interview, we have done a successful job, and that is our main goal. Get started on your next Orlando testimonial video production today! We are happy to get going today!

Finding the Perfect Site To Film Client Testimonials

When finding the perfect site to film client testimonials, you want to make sure your space doesn't overpower your subject and that your audience can clearly see the interview subject. This means that the background has to be just that- a background. There should be no distractions so your location shouldn't be too busy. We can always edit the background to make it softer and sharpen the subject, though, if there are issues we catch while editing. For audio, though, we don't have the ability to clear it up too much. This is why you need an environment you can control. It might seem fun to film at a busy theme park, but there are too many issues with audio- from people to ride noises- that can ruin your audio, and ruin the entire interview. Your best option when filming a customer testimonial is choosing an indoor site that you can easily control all outside factors from imposing on your interview, especially if you have a longer interview to conduct.

Customer Testimonial Production in Orlando

When you need to find a prime location for Customer Testimonial Production in Orlando, you won't even need to go outside of the city. Orlando is a diverse location with lots of wonderful sites for filming interviews. It features a heavy Art Deco influence, like much of Florida, which can be seen in its many buildings and artwork. You can film in Downtown Orlando, selecting one of the many restaurants, shops, galleries, museums and Lake Eola Park to set up your off-site interviews. There are gorgeous buildings on just about every corner, and many have meeting areas that would make for good interview spots. For noise and distractions purposes, you will want to avoid the theme parks, of course, but you can choose another park- Thornton Park, to be exact, which is a charming neighborhood boasting some of the best restaurants and shops in the city. Whatever you need, Orlando has enough choices to fulfill them!

Orlando client testimonial production

A corporate interview can focus on a local celebrity or a small business owner trying to drum up more business, and both of those require a video production company that has lots of experience so mistakes are kept at a minimum when filming interviews. Sometimes, you will have only a free minute to get your interview especially when your subject is busy, and when that happens you don't get a second chance to get it right. We have the skill, resources, and experience to get the job right the first time, so you can relax knowing you have put your trust in a company that will work hard for you. Creating films of strong testimonials of your clients is one of the best ways to sell your product or promote your brand. Perhaps, though, you want to film a keynote speaker at a seminar? Well, we can do that, too! Our crews are multi-faceted and we are able to create whatever you have in mind!


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    • ARRI Amira & Alexa Mini
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    For the most part, conducting an interview is one of the easiest parts of any shoot, but this process can be more complicated than asking a subject some questions and capturing their responses on a camera. An interview may be simple, but even simple procedures have a way of turning complicated, so you need to have a crew that can handle any issue that may arise so that your film stays easy, polished, and efficient. Team Beverly Boy is more experienced and qualified for every job you need completed. It is our goal to make this whole production as simple and streamlined as it can be.



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