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Recognize & Prevent Harassment with Workplace Harassment Video Training

Employee harassment is a common problem across workplaces at organizations large and small. It doesn’t matter how tight knit your workplace community may be, or how diverse your culture is, there are bound to be plenty of harassment violations to go around. Teaching employees how to recognize and prevent harassment at work requires workplace harassment video training which focuses on important topics related to employee behaviors, discrimination prevention, and providing a safe workplace for everyone involved. 

The use of interactive video training to prevent harassment in the workplace is incredibly important. Video provides a stronger, more controlled learning experience than in-person training and, since messaging is consistent, there are no excuses among employees who might have “missed” a message or not been informed of the expectations.

Why is Workplace Harassment Video Training Important?

Teaching your employees the importance of proper workplace interactions and about the risks involved in workplace harassment is incredibly important. Sexual harassment training, in particular, is a crucial topic for organizations to teach because the fines and risk of a tarnished reputation resulting from a single sexual harassment lawsuit can be absolutely devastating. Not only can your business incur fines and penalties of more than $1M plus legal fees, according to OSHA, for a harassment lawsuit, your reputation will be tarnished potentially forever as a result. 

Benefits of Video Training at Work

Besides providing flexibility, accessibility, and consistent messaging, the use of video training over other forms of workplace training content can help your employees to feel more confident in their understanding of what it means to be comfortable at work. In fact, workplace harassment video training has the following benefits:

  • High impact on learner engagement. Videos generally resonate with employees better than written content or even most in-person training programs.
  • Controlled learning environments. Employees can interact and choose to learn at their own pace.
  • Improved understanding of key concepts through microlearning and interactive experiences.
  • Stronger ability to appeal to various learning styles and to reach millennials and others with shorter attention spans.

When to Use Workplace Harassment Video Training

If you’re trying to figure out how workplace harassment video training can fit into your existing training programs, or when it’s best to use workplace harassment video training in your organization, you’ve got several options. Providing this training is essential for all employees, so you might consider incorporating workplace harassment video training into your onboarding process? This way, all employees are aware of the importance of a workplace that is free from bullying and harassment of any sort.

It’s also a great idea to incorporate this type of video training into your existing instructor led training programs as a support or supplemental training. Consider including interactive training videos as reinforcement to your existing workplace harassment training programs if you already have such programs in place. The idea here is to provide additional opportunities to teach employees about workplace harassment and how to recognize dangers or potential trouble as well as what they can do about it so that everyone is on the same page.

Interactive Workplace Harassment Video Training 

Many organizations choose to teach employees how to recognize and prevent workplace harassment by providing interactive workplace harassment video training programs. Interactive video training goes above and beyond the standard training provided in a video and includes elements of reinforcement, engagement, and increased interaction that are incredibly valuable to employees. In fact, interactive workplace harassment video training programs are:

  • Ideal for providing employees with unique scenarios and path-based learning.
  • Perfect for employees that want to engage and reinforce their training with quizzes, polls, or similar question & answer based outcomes.
  • Useful for immersing employees into an environment in which they can understand how to recognize risk and mitigate.
  • A way to gamify learning to encourage employee engagement and outcomes. 
  • An opportunity to reinforce subject-matter in a fun, engaging, and interactive way.

The benefits of using interactive workplace harassment video training in your organization extend far beyond simply improving employee understanding of important concepts relative to this subject. Interactive training videos increase employee retention, improve productivity, and generate overall stronger compliance in the workplace.

Produce a Workplace Harassment Video Training Program

Considering all of the benefits that come from using video to teach and train on workplace harassment, and the risks involved with not teaching your employees about the importance of avoiding workplace harassment, it seems rather important to consider producing a workplace harassment video training program right away. If you don’t already have such training in place, consider a full video training series that covers important topics like workplace harassment, sexual harassment, and the importance of a bully free work zone so that you can provide consistent, engaging and informative training to your employees at a fraction of the cost when compared to typical trainer provided, in-person programs.

For information on producing a workplace harassment video training program for your organization, give Beverly Boy Productions a call. We’ve got decades of experience in film and know exactly what it takes to produce a top quality workplace harassment training video that’s ideal for your organization.