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10 Tips to Boost Profits with Marketing Videos

Video marketing has been referred to as the future of content marketing and for good reason. Video accounts for more than 80% of all web traffic and that figure are growing annually.

If you’re not using marketing videos to boost profits, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity for your brand. In fact, we’re so sure that high-quality video content is the key to sales that we’ve outlined the following 10 tips to help you boost sales with marketing videos.

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1. Tell Your Story

Great marketing videos begin with a great story. The more you can share with your customers the story of your brand, how your products or services work, how your brand is something they can resonate with, and how others are satisfied with your brand, the more you will see profits boosted. Marketing videos that captivate, connect with the consumer on an emotional level, and engage the audience are highly beneficial for your brand.


2. Grab their Attention

In order to get viewers to watch your video, you need to grab their attention. You’ll need a great title and thumbnail image and then you’ll need a great hook in the first 5-10 seconds of the video.

About 30% of your audience will leave within the first 30 seconds of your video so make sure you hook them and deliver a top-down approach that gives the audience the most important content first. Pique their interest and keep them intrigued so that they stick around to the end.

3. Excite the Audience

Do you actually expect anyone to stick around for a boring video? You need to excite the audience with your content. Deliver a catchy, unforgettable storyline that they can’t help but stick around for. An upbeat approach is best!

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4. Share Your Mission

What’s the mission that your business works so hard to achieve? Share your mission in your marketing campaigns and your marketing videos. Focus your marketing videos on connecting emotionally with the audience so that they can support your mission and your brand. You’ll see profits increase for sure!

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5. Information & Insight

Deliver information and insight about your niche and prove to your audience that you are a thought leader in the industry. Convince them to purchase from your business because you clearly know what’s right in the industry and have the knowledge to deliver the best experience to them. And, knowledge is power!

6. Be Mobile Friendly

Your marketing videos are most certainly going to be delivered via a mobile network and enjoyed from a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet. Deliver a mobile-friendly experience that is optimized for small screens. Make sure your audio quality is top-notch and ideal for small speakers for added mobile-friendliness.

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7. Optimize for Search Engines

Boost profits with your marketing videos by optimizing your videos for search engines. Your video content cannot be fully understood by Google unless you take steps to optimize it. Include a catchy title, keyword-rich meta description, and tags that help your video to stand out. Don’t forget to add the video transcript for added SEO benefit.

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8. Take a Less is More Approach

With marketing videos, it is always better to take a less is more approach. Include just the right level of content to keep the viewer attentive and engaged without overwhelming them an audience. A great marketing video is short enough to deliver the message without any fluff. Be impactful and make every single word and image count.


9. Find Your Voice

Your brand has a voice. You may even already have a style guide and a set of rules that govern how you produce content and creatives for your business–let those same rules govern how you produce your marketing videos too.

Your viewers will recognize the brand elements in your video and the fact that you use a similar professional tone and style in your video content that they are accustomed to seeing in your other marketing material. You’ll benefit from increased profits as more viewers will become aware of the message and the integrity your brand is accountable for.

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10. Create a Video Series

Boost profits by delivering content that you know your audience will appreciate. Consider generating a series of videos that you can use to funnel the consumer down the sales path. Start with videos that vaguely touch on the subject and gradually hone in on a more advanced, in-depth understanding. You can use subsequent videos to show viewers exactly how your products or services are the key to their problems.

Boosting profits with your marketing videos is really all about planning your route of attack. Much like you would plan your written content marketing efforts, you must take a similar path with your video content. Step by step, you can create powerful marketing videos that help your brand to achieve profound results.

Need help producing marketing videos that will help your brand maximize profits? Give Beverly Boy Productions a call! We can’t wait to see your next video production project through to the next level.

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