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Are you looking for reliable St. Petersburg EPK Services? Electronic press kits are what you need to get noticed in a competitive industry. Whether you’re discussing record labels or upcoming tour dates with fellow musicians or you need behind the scenes footage and b-roll for an EPK for a television show, feature film, or brand, EPK production is an excellent way for you to achieve your goals.

EPK’s are an effective way for you to share information about you or your talent. Unlike physical press kits, EPKs can showcase a variety of details about you and your talent in an easy-to-digest format. By using digital, downloadable media, things like music samples, performance calendars, and contact information are put together in an appealing way to highlight your film, television project, or music.

An important part of your St. Petersburg EPK services is quality video. You are able to promote your project by including videos of key performances or BTS and b-roll of the "making of" a project including interviews of key players. Investing in the right video production company can help you boost your EPK and showcase your work in a way that accurately highlights it.

St. Petersburg Electronic Press Kit Production

When creating the content of your electronic press kit, there's plenty of important information that should be included to (1) promote your project and (2) display your future plans for your music, film, broadcast, or brand. St. Petersburg Electronic press kit production should have the following information:

Biography: Don’t be afraid to share things about you. Tell your story, from your sound and genre to how it all started.

Music Samples: Different from a discography section, including snippets and tracks of your music helps your viewers get a taste of what you have to offer. When you include a variety of tracks, your EPK can appeal to a variety of people such as potential clients, promoters, presenters, and fans.

Photos: Visuals are a big deal in an EPK. Think about how you have seen the pictures of your favorite artists. Be remembered by including headshots, band shots, cover art, or other graphics in your EPK.

Videos: Videos are definitely an important aspect of an EPK. Fans, reporters, and other audiences are able to see you in action, which not only helps you to stand out from the rest but also makes you and your brand memorable as well.

Press Coverage: Any press coverage you already have will boost your EPK’s quality. Things like interviews and endorsements from radio or networks are great ways to show your reader/viewer that you’re connected in the community and appreciate press events.

Calendar: A calendar featuring your next performances or events is important to share.

Contact Information: Effective St. Petersburg EPK services should also include your contact details so people in the industry can get in touch with you.

Best EPK Service in St. Petersburg

EPKs are your resume, so to speak. When you have a great EPK that accurately presents your work and talent, you’ll be more apt to grow your audience and get recognized in the industry.

Videos are important for your press kit. Whether you're looking for EPK footage like behind the scenes video or an EPK template that you can use, Beverly Boy is here for you. We offer the best EPK services in St. Petersburg, and we’d love to help you move forward. St. Petersburg, Florida is a lovely city with warm weather throughout much of the year and top landmarks like Fort de Soto Park and the Dali. We also offer services in Clearwater, Largo, and Tampa.

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    EPK film is something you’ll want to master for your project or brand to stand out. At Beverly Boy Productions, we provide top-quality EPK services for film companies, brands, bands, networks and record labels. We also provide service for EPK for TV shows and BTS for films. What goes into EPK can make or break your project. Get in touch today for top-notch St. Petersburg EPK services!



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