Chicago Concert Video Production

When it comes to Chicago Concert Video Production , concerts are considered difficult to film. Crowded areas and poor lighting can make it is easy to have a great film experience. With the right film crew, you can make magic happen with film.

A full production team is needed for shooting concerts, as well as any other kind of live events. Multiple recording devices, for both video and audio, help to capture the best moments in a concert. A competent Chicago camera crew will be able to access the stage, capture the best kind of footage, and provide expertise that makes a difference in the outcome of your project. We also offer services in Wheaton, Naperville, and Schaumburg.

A key component of a Chicago concert video production is a film process called live switching. Live switching is important for an on-site crew that can help you capture close up views, which does the following: (1) it helps everyone attending the concert get a great view of it (2) it provides great angles of the concert that you can use for future videos.

Chicago Concert Videographer

Filming live events with a Chicago Concert Videographer is not the same as filming choreographed events or videos. There is a lot going on and crowds, which can be challenging when you want to capture footage. But, this kind of stuff doesn’t hold a talented concert videographer back from filming the perfect video. A good attitude mixed with experience can do a lot.

From mosh pits at power metal concerts to “ladies gone wild” at seeing their favorite boy band or rap group, you want to capture the unique moments in a concert. When you have the right preparation, equipment, and talent, anything is possible. An experienced crew is going to know how to plan for a concert video setup that is perfect for your particular event. This customized service makes sure that the right multiple recording devices (especially for audio) are used and that the equipment is set up to capture perfect angles, so whatever you’re hoping for is the finished result. Coverage can be diverse, with full-stage views and close-ups, so you can have various styles of footage to work with.

Live Concert Video Companies

There are plenty of production companies out there that may offer to film your concert. There are plenty of options to choose from, but you’ll want to be careful, as to get the best results, you’ll need the best in Chicago concert videography. When you’re searching for live concert video companies, make sure to keep the following information in mind:

  • Does the company have experience with live switching? A screen is a very important part of a concert, so that everyone gets to enjoy your show. This is why they should know how to use live video switching and projectors so that everyone attending has a chance to really enjoy the concert.
  • Does the company support live streaming? When people view your concert from around the world, you can actually save a lot of money. Live streaming can actually be an extra source of revenue. Check it out!
  • Does the company provide sample videos? Seeing examples of concert videography that they’ve worked on previously can help you to know whether or not they have the talent you’re seeking.

Chicago Live Music Production

The thing about Chicago Live Music Production is that it is definitely a unique thing for our film crews to work on. This is why multi camera concert video production is crucial; not only for the event you want to cover, but also your future in the music industry. This is why choosing the best company for your Chicago concert videography can be very important.


Concert Video Production


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    Live concert production is a specialty we’re proud to handle. When you want a concert tour production company or need help covering concert lighting and rigging, we are available for you. After a decade on the job, we can provide knowledgeable service, Chicago, Illinois is a great location for your Chicago concert video production with pleasant autumn temperatures and great spots for shooting like the Millennium Park and Willis Tower. We don't want your concert footage to B-flat – and we know that you don’t want to either. Call us to see what Beverly Boy Productions can do for your Chicago Concert Video Production!



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