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Bridge in Detroit during night fall. Video Production

Need a camera crew in Detroit, top ten jewels

Need a camera crew in Detroit? Shoot at the top ten jewels Detroit has to offer! If you need a camera crew in Detroit here the top ten jewels Detroit has to offer. When visiting Detroit for business or pleasure there is an abundance of things to see and do. […]


commercial production cost

How much does it cost to produce a commercial

How much does it cost to produce a commercial? How much does it cost to produce a TV commercial? This is a very common question that we get at least a dozen times a week. (drop us a line for a quick phone consult,  1-888-462-7808 we’d love to hear from […]


Top Toronto Video Production

Top Toronto Video Production Insights 2018 – Happening Film Trends   The video trends that are happening in 2018 are changing the game on how businesses utilize video to reach their viewers. Last year, roughly 61% of companies used video in their marketing ideas, and that number is now more […]


Top Tallahassee Video Production

Top Tallahassee video production insights 2018 – Trends For Your Next Production   The film industry is seeing a lot of big changes in 2018 and these changes are going to help you tell your story through a corporate film campaign like never before. Last year, around 61 percent of […]