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How to Hire a Washington DC Hybrid Event Company

Hosting a hybrid event that delivers a professional, creative, and engaging experience for both your in-person attendees and those who attend virtually requires a lot of technological input and working parts to come together at the same time. Therefore, hiring a Washington DC hybrid event company to assist in the production of your in-person and virtual hybrid event components is an incredibly important task, and it’s one you’ll want to consider early on in the planning process. Whether you need help finding a suitable venue and hiring appropriate crew to handle the production, or you’re in need of the best virtual event platform to host your off-site attendees, Beverly Boy Productions is your Washington DC hybrid event company!

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What is a Hybrid Event?

A hybrid event is any event that includes a mixed delivery of both in-person and virtual meetings, conferences, presentations, or activities. These events use teleconferencing, live streaming, and unique virtual event platforms to host incredibly engaging events for attendees that are able to be present at the live event as well as for those who could not make the live event for a variety of reasons and must therefore attend online via an app or event platform host. 

Creating the perfect blend of live, in-person activities and virtual event engagement opportunities can be a seamless process if you hire the right Washington DC hybrid event company to work with. At Beverly Boy Productions, we have more than two decades of technical expertise and experience in the production of creative, professional events that attract wide audiences and engage a crowd. We’ll provide your live event attendees with exceptional entertainment via the Washington DC venue of your choice and we’ll bring out all the technical tricks to ensure your virtual attendees feel so engaged and entertained that they forget they’re attending your event virtually from their home or office.

What Goes into Planning & Producing a Hybrid Event?


If you’re wondering why (or if) you really need a hybrid event production company, perhaps you’ve never experienced a hybrid event before? There’s a ton of planning and logistics that go into producing the ideal hybrid event that fully engages fans and immerses those off-site in the value and benefits of the event just as if they were present on-site. When you hire a Washington DC hybrid event company to assist with the production of your event, here’s what you can expect:

  • Audio and visual production of the live event.
  • Dynamic entertainment integration for live event attendees.
  • Thematic production elements that coordinate with your branding.
  • On-site management and crew coordination for the live event.
  • Virtual event landing page creation & platform branding.
  • Online registration for ease of access.
  • Professional content streaming.
  • Expert engagement integration including polls and other data gathering for future marketing & sales.
  • On-demand content generation for global event viewing and access.

These are just some of the ways that working with a Washington DC hybrid event company is going to ensure your attendees, both those present in DC and those attending virtually from anywhere in the world, are having a great time, gaining tons of value, and are fully satisfied with your event.

Beverly Boy Productions is Your Washington DC Hybrid Event Company

Whether this is your first hybrid event, or you’re a seasoned professional that has delivered multiple hybrid events in the past, working with a professional crew that understands the process of producing a hybrid event is essential to the success of your event. Coordinating a hybrid event certainly requires a lot of work, but with the right assistance, and the right group on your side coordinating the production, the process can actually be rather seamless. 

Beverly Boy Productions brings expertise, experience, and technical value to your hybrid event. If you’re ready to hire a Washington DC hybrid event company that will maximize the success of your event, give us a call! We can’t wait to get to work for your event!