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Are you in need of San Antonio Testimonial video production? We know that the best thing to do for customer interviews or talking headshots is make it an easy process for you and everyone involved. The last thing you’d want would be interview subject freaking out and forgetting what they’re supposed to talk about! There’s no need to overreact. You’re not fighting for a trophy and it won’t be your only shot. Our main goal is to produce an effective customer interview, and the most effective way to do this is to have your interviewee as calm and relaxed as you can. We want you to be able to get the most authentic and real reaction that you can from the person you’re interviewing. We don’t want the lights and cameras seeming to be in their face. If anything, we’d like them to feel at home and ready to have a nice chat in a situation they feel comfortable in. We want to end up with an honest and true testimonial that feels relatable and true. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but we want the audience to feel a true connection with the person they see on their screen. The goal when making a customer interview is to make a commercial that evokes feeling that the customer can connect with on a seemingly personal level. Once this is completed, we can consider our work a job well done. So, give us a call for your next San Antonio Testimonial video production. We would love to work with you and make the best product we can!

Do you need a location to film your interview?

Now you may be asking, “What should I look for in an interview location?” Well, the first thing you want to remember is that you want a nice and calm area for the interview. You don’t want to have to go against your surroundings to make the interview run smoothly. You also want the space to not have too much going on visually either. This could bring focus away from the face in front of the camera and create less of a connection with the audience. Your background shouldn’t bring too much focus away, but instead should compliment the task at hand. Nothing too flashy, but something appropriate for the topic. An easy way to help fix your background if you can’t find that “perfect space” is to create a depth of feel that pulls the background out of focus and a sharp focus on your subject. This will drown out the noisy background some and allow your interviewee to have full focus from your viewers. Audio is just as important as the background when it comes to cancelling distraction. While it might look cool to conduct an interview by a waterfall or in another cool scenic area, any wind and the water that blows or splashes will make any talking in your audio inaudible. Planes passing over, car horns, and animals are all factors you need to think about when thinking of somewhere outside to conduct your interview. A safer bet would be to find something indoors where you can easily control the factors around you. A green screen may even be fun to use if you can make it look good and seem natural in the space!

San Antonio, a Land of Opportunities

If you’re seeking a top notch spot in San Antonio Testimonial Video Production, San Antonio is your answer. San Antonio is absolutely full of scenic areas that provide amazing areas to film. Eisenhower Park is a beautiful place to go to with a nice natural feel that can help give your production a sense of purpose. Here, it would be better to record away from any water and on a day when the wind is low. This will eliminate background noise as much as possible and still give you a nice outdoor feel. Although it can get a little windy, the Tower Of America is another beautiful place to conduct an interview. If you can get some time in the restaurant after they close to record or if you find a more secluded spot, you can get some absolutely breathtaking shots. The McNay Art Museum Courtyard is a good location for scenic shots and has much less distraction than a forest or river. For all of these locations, ask permission from the owners and take the necessary precautions needed for filming here. These are just a few options out of the many many places you can go in San Antonio for amazing scenic shots.

The Right Tools

A corporate interview can be many things. Anything from a small business selling their company to a bigger corporation to a person selling their “million dollar idea” to a company that’s hoping to buy. A video production company with this very high levels of corporation experience is your best option if you want to eliminate any mistakes or blips. When recording, you may only have one take. During this one take, you want it o go as smoothly as possible for your client and your crew. We guarantee, with our level of expertise, that you’ll be happy with the results we yield. Although we know that one of the the best ways to sell products is with a testimonial of your client gushing about how amazing the product is, we can help you no matter what direction you choose to take. Our goal is to make your speaker seem higher and mightier than they would even normally be. Their words will resonate with your clients long after your clip is watched. This is, of course, what an interview is all about.

San Antonio Testimonial Video Production

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