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Are you in need of a professional Philadelphia Testimonial video production? Probably the best piece of advice that we can offer you when you’re recording customer interviews or talking headshots is for you to make sure that the environment is as relaxed as possible. The last thing you want is for the person you are interviewing to have an anxiety attack trying to make sure they say every line perfectly. This isn’t a Hollywood production looking to achieve some kind of award. What you’re really looking to capture is an effective customer interview, and the absolute best way to do this is by helping the person you are interviewing to be completely comfortable. The goal here is to ensure that what the interviewee says doesn’t come off sounding scripted and unconvincing, but instead genuine. We don’t want them to be worrying about the bright lights, the mic, the camera, or the person who is operating it. We want to capture an authentic testimonial, where the audience will get the sense that the person on screen is speaking to them personally. Whenever you’re recording a customer interview you want to relay a story that resonates within the viewers. If we can accomplish that goal for you, then we have done our job right. Give us a call now to discuss your next Philadelphia Testimonial video production, we would love to talk about what is possible for your business!

Locations to film your interview

When you are looking for a location in which to conduct your interview one thing that you want to consider is that the main focus of the recording should be the actual interview itself, not the scenery behind the interview. The audience’s attention should be firmly placed upon the person being interviewed and what is being said. The setting that you choose should simply be a nice background for the video. One quick but effective fix for a background that is a bit distracting is to create a depth of field effect that focuses the camera on the interviewee and slightly blurs the background behind them.
Audio: The audio is equally important, and is something you need to keep in mind when selecting an interview location. While a beach may provide a beautiful backdrop for your recording, the sounds of wind and crashing waves will probably wash out anything that is said in the actual interview itself. For this reason outdoor interviews in general can be somewhat of a problem. There are a variety of potentially distracting aspects of your surroundings that you would have little to no control over. This is why indoor interviews are usually the safest and most effective options for interviews, especially in-depth interviews with more than just a few questions asked.

Philadelphia, a great city to film

If you’re looking for a prime location for Philadelphia Testimonial Video Production, this city has your answer. Philly has a number of special historical sites such as Independence Hall. You can’t really find anything more American than this building where both the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution were created. A tour here will allow you to view the Assembly Room (arranged how it was during the Constitutional Convention), including George Washington’s “rising sun” chair. You’ll also be able to view the actual inkstand that was used to sign the Declaration of Independence and an original draft of the Constitution. There is also the Museum of the American Revolution, where you will be able to see George Washington’s headquarters tent, in which he slept and also made many historic decisions during the Revolutionary War. A Philadelphia film crew would be ideal if you’re planning to record off site interviews at these or any other historical sites for your next video.

The Right Tools

A corporate interview could be a local small business owner introducing to the public their new company all the way to a high-profile CEO of a large corporation giving an address. A video production company with many years of professional experience producing videos is the safest choice to ensure that you avoid expensive mistakes in your video production. In many cases you will only get a few minutes with the person you are interviewing and there may be no possibility for future takes to go back and correct mistakes. However, our level of expertise and experience will allow you to relax while having full assurance that you will have a smooth production. There is not a better way for you to gain new customers than with great testimonials of your clients. And even if you just need to film a keynote speech from a seminar, or anything else for that matter, having a dedicated and professional video crew at your disposal offers endless opportunities and benefits for your business. We’ll make sure that anything you need to record is done so correctly, and that it gets you the results that you want.


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    Although it may seem that conducting an interview is an easy shoot, even these, seemingly simple recordings, can present a number of issues. And if these issues aren’t dealt with correctly, they can cost you money and unnecessary time in the editing room fixing mistakes. But with Team Beverly Boy you’ll never have to worry about that again. We are here to help you with our many years of experience and expertise in order to simplify and streamline the entire production process.



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