Chesapeake Testimonial Video Production

Chesapeake Testimonial Video Production

Do you need a professional Chesapeake Testimonial video production? We would be more than happy to put our expert team to work for you. We can offer insight in addition to outstanding video production. When filming a testimonial or talking headshots it's highly important to ensure the interviewee is comfortable enough to deliver their lines. Our team is highly skilled at this and will make everything run smoother than a hot knife going through butter. We’ll eliminate the confusion and allow work to get done efficiently and as fast as possible. Our goal is to create an effective customer interview, and the best way to achieve that is by having the interviewee as relaxed as possible. The goal when making one is to get the most authentic and raw reaction from the interviewee. There’s no need for them to get caught up with the smoke and mirrors that go on in the background. Having them caught up in this hassle is nothing but detrimental to the production. The idea when shooting a customer interview is to tell a story that resonates with the viewer. This is our goal when making a customer interview. We know what needs to get done and how to do it most efficiently. If you want your next Chesapeake Testimonial video production to be easier than a 1 piece puzzle, we would love to discuss our possibilities!

Choosing the best spot To Film Client Testimonials

It’s important to remember a few key things when deciding where to conduct an interview. The main goal is to have your interviewee connect with the audience, so you want the background to compliment them and what they’re talking about. You don't want to fight the background for visual focus and you don't want your interviewee to yell to be heard or have their audio drowned out completely.

This may lose the focus of your viewers and defeat the purpose of the message. Simple backdrops that are, plain or have simple patterns work well. Having your interviewee sit in front of the establishment, or next to the product in question can help emphasize the message rather than take from it. It's imperative that you film in a quiet location with little to no noise, otherwise you may be stuck with bad audio or incomprehensible audio. Neither of which is good.

Customer Testimonial Production in Chesapeake

If you’re looking for a prime spot for Chesapeake Testimonial Video Production, Chesapeake is your answer. The city is chock full of outdoor places for breathtaking scenery that will leave your testimonial video in the back of people’s minds for time to come. Oak Grove Lake Park is an absolutely stunning area filled with beautiful trees and a wide-open space perfect for filming. The Chesapeake Conference Center is a perfect place for filming testimonials because it's a controlled environment with plenty of space. The Great Bridge Battlefield & Waterways History Foundation has lovely trails, nice buildings, and tons of history you can fit into your interview. And these places are just the very tip of the iceberg of what Chesapeake has to offer. With all these beautiful places to film around you, it would be foolish to choose anywhere else.

Chesapeake Client Testimonial Production

Our video production company has 15+ years of experience with corporate interview production. This will help drastically in the long run because we are very highly qualified to take on any task and solve any problem on set. With this level of experience, we’ll eliminate any possibility of rookie mistakes. There’s always a possibility that your speaker may only have enough time in their busy schedule for one take. We make sure that this one take is filled with as much content as possible by taking care of all the work in the middle to help you get everything out of the experience. Our level of professionalism and expertise allows you to relax and feel assured that your time and money were not spent in vain. Whether you want to record a testimonial of your clients singing your praises, or capture the keynote speaker of a seminar, the uses of our great video crew are endless.


Testimonial Video Production


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    Our Video Production Work

    Conducting an interview might, at first, seem like a very simple shoot. All you have to do is sit down with your speaker and ask them a few questions, record their answers, and that's it.. right? NO! Making a testimonial look effortless and clean is the art of a seasoned video production company, like Beverly Boy Productions. Our team knows every step to seamless, effective interviews and we will humbly guide YOU through those steps.



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