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Why is it Important to Provide an Electrical Safety Training Video Program to New Techs?

Training your employees is vital to their safety as well as to the safety of your business, customers, and others, especially when electrical components are involved. Electrical safety training is so important, many regulatory agencies including OSHA and others require that electrical safety training be provided by organizations in which workers will be involved in any activities which could potentially lead to an electrical safety hazard. When it comes to providing such training, an electrical safety training video series or program is the best way to ensure your new technicians have the resources they need to operate in a safe and efficient manner.

At Beverly Boy Productions, we provide a wide range of training video production services including the planning, shooting, and post-production editing of customized electrical safety training video content that is critical to the safety of your organization. To learn more about the process, or to hire one of our crews to immediately work with you on the production of top quality training videos, give us a call.

Why is Electrical Safety Training Important?

Providing proper safety training is essential not only to the safety of your employees, but also to ensure the safety of your customers and to ensure your own compliance with various organizations or regulatory agencies such as OSHA. With nearly 150 work-related deaths caused by electricity each year, regulations surrounding the provision of proper electrical safety training are tight. 

Workers that are involved in the repair, replacement, troubleshooting, or maintenance of equipment, tools, or other job related elements which may involve electricity are at risk of shock, electrocution, dangerous arc flashes, or the potential for an explosion or fire. None of this is safe!

Electrical safety training ensures that employees are aware of the risks involved with electricity and the potential dangers of their jobs. Training also ensures that workers know how to respond in an emergency situation as well as how to mitigate risks that may arise should an employee come into contact with a potential electrical hazard in the workplace or during the course of work.

Providing this training is important for the safety of workers and others, for compliance with regulatory agencies, and for the success of your business. Qualified workers must be trained to identify electricity risks, to recognize and mitigate danger, and to follow proper safety protocols and procedures when they’re working with electricity or when working with equipment that requires electricity.

Why is an Electrical Safety Training Video Program the Best Solution?

When your business is required by OSHA or any other regulatory agency to provide safety training, it is absolutely essential that you be able to prove that training was provided, to provide details about the type of training provided, and to prove that your employees actually engaged in and understood the training provided. An electrical safety training video program is the best solution to these key areas of importance because it:

  • Can be easily tracked through an LMS (learning management system).
  • Is more engaging than any other form of training.
  • Can be interactive which improves learner engagement and understanding.
  • Is safe and does not require actual involvement with electricity to provide a visual example of the risks or potential consequences involved in an electrical safety hazard or situation.

There, of course, are other reasons that an electrical safety training video is the best option to provide this training. For example, the use of video to train employees has a higher retention rate than other forms of training, especially when compared to a training manual which typically has the lowest overall retention rate of about 20% or less. Just think about how risky it is to provide employees with a manual, that they might not read or that they might struggle to read or understand (about 19% of the U.S. adult population struggles to read at an “average” level). If your employees don’t remember what they learn, can’t understand what they read, or don’t read it at all they will be at serious risk for danger working in or around electrical equipment and your business could face serious punishment from OSHA or other regulatory agencies.

Additional Benefits of an Electrical Safety Training Video 

In addition to the previously listed benefits, you may also find that using an electrical safety training video series for your team has any of the following benefits:

  • Employees can engage in training on their own time & at their own pace.
  • Employees can easily connect with supporting content or information through interactive elements included in the video.
  • Employees can easily re-train by re-watching the videos as many times or as often as they want/need to.
  • Training content can easily be organized so that employees can access training as needed and in advance of performing certain jobs or before confronting a known risk.

To learn more about producing an electrical safety training video for your team, give Beverly Boy Productions a call today!