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Why Every Mechanic Shop Should have an Automotive Lift Training Video Series

Various types of automotive lifts exist post-1980s, particularly in shops and throughout the mechanic industry. As an automotive repair shop or mechanic, if your shop has a lift, you really should have an automotive lift training video series as part of your new employee onboarding as well as for use in other areas of your organization. In fact, we’ve got a list of reasons why you really should have an automotive lift training video series as part of the training you offer to your employees.

An automotive lift has the potential to solve many problems and to dramatically reduce the total amount of time that certain car or truck repairs require in your shop. As a busy mechanic, you probably love your lift and all of the value that it provides, but a single accident could be absolutely detrimental if it were to occur! To help you see the value in producing an automotive lift training video series, we’ve outlined some of the key benefits of training videos and how you can use them to keep your shop safe, efficient, and effective!

But first, let’s take a look at the benefits of video training over other formats:

  • Video is easier to follow and understand, even when there are potential language barriers.
  • The rate of learner retention with video is 90% vs. 20% if a manual is to be read.
  • 19% of U.S. adults cannot read above a “below average” level.
  • Video provides flexible training that is available anywhere, anytime and allows the viewer to learn at their own pace.
  • Video can be watched over and over again.

So, why does every mechanic shop need to have an automotive lift training video series? Checkout our list of reasons below:

  1. Failure to Provide Training in the Event of Injury Could Result in Hefty Fines

Safety first is everyone’s motto, but what if you’ve provided safety training to your employees and you think that they know the importance of being safe with the automotive lift, even though they actually don’t? What if you provide written training, but you have adult workers that fall in the 19% of workers that cannot read at an average level? Those workers may not receive the training they need to safely operate the automotive lift or to safely work in a shop that contains a lift.

While this isn’t technically a “failure to provide training,” an automotive lift training video series could eliminate many of the issues we just mentioned. By providing video, your team will recall up to 90% or more of what they learn, and you will know when they have completed their training because you can monitor their video use. With this proof that training was provided, even in the event that an employee might be injured using the lift or working around it, you can prove to OSHA that you followed the rules and were in compliance.

  1. Proper Use of the Automotive Lift Can Reduce Safety Risks

Another reason that every automotive shop which includes an lift should consider an automotive life training video series is because with proper training on the way to use the lift correctly, you can reduce or even eliminate many of the potential safety risks that are involved. Often times, safety hazards are the direct result of operator error. 

Teaching your workers how to operate the automotive lift the right way can prevent a vehicle from falling which could otherwise lead to potentially fatal injury, liability claims, and property damage too. With video training, your workers can easily see what is expected of them, how they should use the lift, and how to recognize when the lift is being used incorrectly.

  1. Training Videos Eliminate the Need for Risky Real-Time Training

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The use of an automotive lift training video series to keep your employees in check also has the advantage of eliminating the need to provide otherwise risky real-time training. You won’t have to show employees incorrect use of the lift which could be dangerous if done in person. Instead, you can use video simulation to show exactly what they need to see with absolutely no actual risk to them.

In fact, with an automotive lift training video series, you can train your employees on everything that you need them to know about the lift before they ever even enter the area of the shop that contains the lift. This way, you have no worries about the employee behaving incorrectly around the lift or otherwise coming into contact with any potential risks around the lift before they have been properly trained on the use, safety, and potential repercussions or dangers associated with the lift.

At Beverly Boy Productions, we truly believe that any mechanic shop with a lift can benefit greatly from providing an automotive lift training video series to employees ahead of their engagement with the lift or any work time around the lift. Not only will this keep your newly hired employees safe, but it will also help to keep others in your shop safe too! Give us a call to get started on the production of an automotive lift training video series for your team!