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Top Tips on the Production of Work Safety Videos Your Team will Benefit From

Producing work safety videos that are actually going to directly benefit your team isn’t always a cut and dry process. If you haven’t already analyzed your training needs, and determined exactly where your work safety gaps are, you could find yourself producing content that is not only not very beneficial to your team, but that causes them to feel like you’re really just wasting their time. If you want your team to engage, and actually benefit from the work safety videos that you introduce, follow these important tips from a pro!

At Beverly Boy Productions, we’ve spent decades producing top quality video content that can be used for a variety of purposes across many industries. We’re able to produce work safety videos that are ideal for almost any budget, and specialize in the production of professional quality video content that will grab your team’s attention and keep them engaged throughout the training. Give us a call to learn more about producing work safety videos, and be sure to follow these important tips before you begin working with any production company on training videos for your team.

  1. Pay Attention to Your Audience 

You know your team better than anyone else, which is why it is absolutely vital for you, the business owner, to pay close and careful attention to your audience before you get started on the production of work safety videos. You know what your audience is like, what age groups they fall within, what gender they are or what type of work they do. All of this is important when planning out the work safety videos that you’re going to produce.

For example, you are not going to produce the same work safety video for a team of teenagers that you would produce for a team of elderly adults. You might, but generally you’re going to use completely different terminology (aka lingo), you’ll use different explanations, and you’ll probably even use different music, narration, and people. 

Why? Because audiences are incredibly different. A younger generation is almost certain to respond differently to a video that includes music, funny workplace safety content, and a focus on technology. Likewise, an elderly group might not understand certain lingo, references, or jokes the way today’s generation does. 

Likewise, if you’re training nurses you’re going to provided completely different safety topics than if you were training a group of electricians or a lifeguard or someone in a completely different industry. This is why it’s important for you to pay close attention to your audience and to plan your work safety videos around them.

  1. Jokes are Okay But Balance is Necessary 

Many work safety videos will include some humor in order to keep the audience engaged and interested in content that may otherwise come off as rather dry. However, it’s important to remember that jokes are okay unless they’re not! 

What does this mean? It means that in many instances, work safety videos can include humor, but there are instances in which humor might go too far, or in which humor just shouldn’t be included for common sense reasons. For instance, you’re not going to use humor if you’re talking about a workplace safety issue that is deadly. It’s not funny when someone dies nor is it a joking matter. Likewise, you might use humor in work safety videos that are focused on less serious safety issues.

  1. Consider Producing Work Safety Videos that Speak to Specific Issues 

If you find that there are very specific training issues that arise in regards to your workplace and your team, consider producing work safety videos that speak specifically to those issues in order to have the type of training content you need when your team needs it. For instance, if you know that your team has to use special equipment that has known safety risks, producing work safety videos with a focus on using that equipment is essential to your training program.

Once you’ve got your work safety videos produced, you’ll want to now only provide access to all of the training, but to consider using training as needed. If you notice your team seems to have an issue with remembering to perform fire drills or they forgot what to do in the event of a drill, provide the training video to reinforce their training. Notice an increase in the number of employee falls? Provide work safety videos to reinforce the importance of non-slip shoes, cleaning up liquids, and preventing the risk of slip and fall incidents among employees.

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  1. Engagement is Equivalent to Entertainment with Training

When it comes to the production of work safety videos, it’s important for you to know that engagement is the equivalent of entertainment – sort of. What we mean is, the more you engage your employees with your work safety videos, the more entertained they’ll be. An entertained, or engaged employee, is an employee that’s going to stick around longer!

How can you produce work safety videos that will engage your team so that they truly benefit from the training that you’re providing? Include content that speaks to them. Think about ways to incorporate images and text that they can resonate with. Use characters that they’ll connect with. And consider the incorporation of interactive features to further increase their knowledge, skills and engagement.

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