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 Top 4 Concepts to Cover with a Workplace Violence Training Video

Various types of workplace violence frequently occur across a wide range of industries and areas of employment. If you’re thinking about producing a workplace violence training video library, it’s important to cover very specific concepts as they pertain to workplace violence and employee safety training. Properly planning your workplace violence training video series so that you cover these important concepts is key to the overall success of your project.

Why Produce a Workplace Violence Training Video Library?

If you’re new to the idea of workplace violence training videos, you’re probably wondering why you would ever need an entire library of video content for your employees. However, with more than 2M reports of workplace violence filed each year in the U.S. and an estimated 1.8M work days lost to workplace violence in the U.S. annually, this topic certainly deserves some focus.

Producing a workplace violence training video library can minimize employee violence against other employees, improve awareness of potential violence risks in the workplace to minimize harmful outcomes, and act as a preventative against future workplace violence acts which can be a life-saving outcome for your staff.

So what are the most important concepts to cover with a workplace violence training video library?

  1. Criminal Intent Related Violence Prevention

First and foremost, you need to be thinking about ways that you operate your business which can lead to criminal intent and the resulting violence that comes. For instance, if your business is open after “Normal” business hours, you could be prone to potential risk for violence as a result of the late operation particularly if you don’t take special precautions during opening or closing practices. 

Additional workplace violence training video concepts that you should think of at this phase include:

  • Training employees on what to do if a robbery occurs.
  • Training employees how to properly use safety equipment that helps to protect them against violence.
  • Training employees on how to deal with aggressive employees or outsiders that are aggressive or drunk.
  • Providing training on cash control to minimize employee access.
  • Offering training on camera usage to prevent workplace violence.

A variety of topics are relative to reducing the potential for criminal intent that can lead to workplace violence. Simply think about the operations of your business and how it may attract criminal violence – these are the topics you should train on.

  1. Customer or Client Violence Prevention

Preventing violence that occurs as a direct result of your own customers or clients being unhappy with you or your operations is another concept that you should cover with a workplace violence training video library. Consider the following important concepts or topics for this:

  • Customer service training to minimize low response to upset or agitated customers.
  • Providing adequate staff training and skills mixing to ensure there is always someone available to deal with a violent customer or client.
  • Offering training that is specific to recognizing the behavioral signs of customer violence.
  • Providing training on possible violence de-escalation techniques.
  • Offering training on interpersonal communication to mitigate upset client experience.
  • Providing training on proper client take-down procedures.
  1. Worker-on-Worker Violence Prevention 

Covering worker-on-worker violence is another important concept for you to cover in your workplace violence training video library. This involves any instance in which you have two or more employees that are acting aggressively or otherwise violent toward each other.  Consider covering the following topics:

  • Safe hiring processes to minimize violence. 
  • How to engage in criminal background check to prevent dangerous hiring practices.
  • How to check employer references to mitigate the risk of hiring a dangerous employee.
  • Training on policies and procedures for new hire orientation and ongoing refresher training.
  1. Personal Relationship Violence Prevention

Sometimes, the violence that is occurring at the workplace has nothing to do with other employees, it occurs between an employee and an outside relationship. Unfortunately, this type of workplace violence can often lead to substantial risks for other employees or customers in the workplace if proper training isn’t offered to protect the workers and staff. Consider the following topics:

  • Providing training on policies for reporting dangers at home.
  • Providing training on relationship violence and how to recognize risks with intimate partners.
  • Training to identify co-workers involved in intimate relations with other employees and the risks involved.
  • Training that helps employees understand the importance of providing a supportive culture for other employees that are suffering from violent personal relationships.

As you can see, there are many different topics that you can cover within these primary concepts when it comes to producing a workplace violence training video library. The ultimate goal is to create a positive environment where your employees can learn about the various workplace violence risks and what they can look out for in order to protect themselves and others who may find themselves involved in workplace incidents. For help producing workplace violence training video content, give Beverly Boy Productions a call!