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Mitigating Violence in the Workplace with Training Videos

Recent years have certainly given rise to an above average number of employee deaths resulting as a direct impact of violence in the workplace. Much of this violence could be prevented with some essential training and intervention. In fact, when it comes to mitigating violence in the workplace, training videos are vital. 

Did you know that there are over 2M reports of workplace violence in the workplace throughout the United States each year? Out of all these violent reports, there are nearly just as many days of lost work (1.8M) and the result is that 1 in 7 employees feel unsafe when they are at work. Employees shouldn’t have to go into work and feel unsafe!

Why are Videos Important to Mitigating Violence in the Workplace?

Videos have the power to provide unique instruction that cannot be easily delivered through any other medium. In fact, videos are important to mitigating violence in the workplace largely because they:

  • Deliver consistent training against violence and the recognition of danger in the workplace.
  • They offer private instruction for employees so that they can take action without others knowing.
  • They provide easy to follow, easy to understand concepts that can mitigate workplace violence.
  • They improve employee compliance with workplace violence training programs.
  • They allow for manager reviews to ensure compliance across various employee groups.

Benefits of Violence in the Workplace Training Videos

When used correctly to mitigate violence in the workplace training videos have the potential to help employees see the risks involved in various workplace scenarios and understand how to take action. They help employees to recognize the preventative actions that might be required for a particular situation in which there is a risk of violence in the workplace and they also provide life-saving actions that employees can take in response to extremely violent events such as those involving a workplace active shooter or similar scenario.

In addition to the above benefits, violence in the workplace training videos provide the following benefits:

  • They provide scenarios-based training that makes learning fun.
  • They feature interactive experiences that employees are more likely to recall in the time of need.
  • They use real-life approaches to teaching that give employees real life understanding of the risks associated with workplace violence.
  • They ensure that your business is adhering to government based standards of industry safety.

Techniques in Mitigating Violence in the Workplace with Training Videos 

If you’re thinking about producing workplace training videos to use in your business as a means of preventing or otherwise mitigating workplace violence, you’re not alone! While you have no real way of predicting when or if violence in your workplace will occur, with more than 2M incidents of workplace violence reported in the U.S. annually, it’s safe to say that there is plenty of risk and potential for a dangerous act to occur! The steps you take to ensure your employees and staff are prepared, and understand the signs of workplace violence and what steps to take to protect themselves and others can be life-saving!

Consider training on the following techniques in your violence in the workplace training videos:

  • Identification of violence risk factors including threats, verbal abuse, aggressive behavior, or harassment.
  • Identification of worksite violence in the form of intimidation, rudeness, arguments, or acts of revenge at work.
  • How to create a workplace violence intervention plan. Including enforcing a zero-tolerance policy for violence in the workplace.
  • How to promote workplace violence awareness education.
  • Training on the various types of workplace violence including worker-on-worker violence, customer violence, and outside violence.
  • How to recognize the warning signs of workplace violence. 
  • What to do in various violent scenarios including active shooter scenes, robberies, or other workplace related violent incidents.

Consider Interactive Training Videos 

One of the best ways to mitigate violence in the workplace with training videos is to incorporate interactive components into your training video series. The use of interactive hotspots that draw viewer attention to specific areas where additional data is provided can reinforce important concepts in workplace violence prevention. 

The use of scenarios-based training that allows the worker to engage in a path of learning that helps them see a scenario, and the potential outcome for their choices, can help to provide a very unique insight into workplace violence. While this type of training is very “Real,” it can also be incredibly effective. Consider this for active shooter scenarios and similar violence in the workplace training videos.

Other interactive options include things like 360° video views that allow workers to examine entire areas in a scenario and the use of highlights or annotations to reinforce content. Depending on the training you’re providing, the use of interactive elements can really improve the overall learning outcomes of your target audience which can ultimately lead to potentially life-saving education should a violent incident in the workplace later occur.

Need help creating violence in the workplace training videos that you can use to teach and train your employees to stay safe and protected while at work? Give Beverly Boy Productions a call! We can’t wait to help you out!