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How to Create Powerful Career Coach Training Videos in 4 Easy Steps

As a technical institute that provides career coaching, showcasing all of the important topics that are relative to professional certification is essential. Today’s students want more than just textbooks and classroom training, they want to engage in interactive scenarios, to watch videos that showcase training initiatives and outcomes, and to experience a fully immersive training program. Professionally produced career coach training videos can bring your career coach training to the next level while providing your students with exactly what they’re looking for.

Learning how to create powerful career coach training videos is a process that requires basic understanding of the production process, a plan that includes your training goals and learning objectives, and of course the professional skills to create top quality video and sound that will immerse your students into the training experience. At Beverly Boy Productions, we specialize in producing top quality video training programs that are used in schools, businesses and organizations around the world. To learn more about producing career coach training videos for your team, give us a call!

As a professional video production crew, we follow these steps when producing career coach training videos.

  1. Choosing a Training Topic 

Each video that provides career coach training should focus on a single topic. It’s important to choose a relevant topic that is useful to your students. To choose the topic of your training, consider your student audience, what they need to learn, and how you can best deliver the message so that they’ll resonate with what you’re teaching.

Generally speaking, each training video topic essentially focuses on a single learning goal. Then, you’ll cover the various training objectives within the video to help your students achieve the training goal. For example, career coach training videos might have any of the following topics or training goals:

  • How to overcome obstacles when training for a career.
  • How to recognize a career that’s right for you.
  • How to set career goals.
  • How to make strategic decisions regarding a new career.
  • How to build confidence in your career change.

There are a wide variety of topics that might be covered. These are just some of the ideas that could be covered with career coach training videos.

  1. Determine Career Coach Training Video Format

The next step is to define the format for the career coach video training. In other words, what type of career coach training video are you going to create? Will you create multiple career coach training videos? If so, will they all use the same format or will you use different formats for different videos?

When it comes to determining a format for your video, much of the process is based on the budget and amount of time that you have for production. Some video styles are much more affordable and easier to produce than others. For instance, a screencast is very low-cost, but it’s also really best used for training on things like software or computer operations related to career coaching and not so good for things like teaching how to build confidence or how to recognize an appropriate career.

Most training videos fall in one of the following formats:

  • Screencast – a screen recording that shows how to perform a task.
  • Micro video – a very short video, less than one minute, which teaches a very specific topic.
  • Animated video – a video that utilizes animated graphics to deliver visual text or imagery.
  • Presentation video – a video which includes slides and narration similar to a Powerpoint.
  • Interactive video – a video which includes interactive features such as hotspots or scenario- based learning paths.
  1. Writing the Script & Creating the Storyboard

script for short video

With a plan in place for the type of video you’ll create and the topic that you’ll cover, it’s time to begin writing the script. Within your script, you’ll include about 120-150 words per finished minute of video and you’ll also want to incorporate details about any characters, imagery, or effects that you’ll use in the production. Using a storytelling technique will help you to capture the interest of your audience to deliver the most powerful training experience.

The storyboard goes hand in hand with your script and should include details on any shots, scenes, and camera movements that will occur. Think of your script as the narrated outline of your video and the storyboard as the visual outline. Together, they provide an overall view of what you want to create for your career coaching training videos.

  1. Production of Career Coach Training Videos

With steps 1-3 complete, you’re ready for production! This process, as well as the post-production process is where your career coach training videos really come to life. It’s also where the assistance of a professional film crew generally comes into play. While anyone can plan training videos and beginners can even write the script for training videos, it really takes a professional crew to shoot the footage and edit it all to create the finished product.

If you’re interested in hiring a professional to assist with your production of career coach training videos, Beverly Boy Productions is ready to serve you! With crews worldwide, and a team of compassionate film production specialists prepared to work closely with you, we bring more than two decades of experience to your career coach training videos! Give us a call to learn more!