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Benefits of Producing Safety Training Videos for Manufacturers

Working in a manufacturing setting or warehouse can be particularly dangerous to those who are untrained or unaware of the risks involved. Introducing safety training videos for manufacturers into your employee onboarding process can reduce or completely eliminate employee workplace injuries and other hazards which can occur as a result of various accidents, injuries or emergencies occurring in a manufacturing setting. 

Producing safety training videos for manufacturers can have a variety of potential benefits including increased understanding of the risks involved, improved understanding and retention of information being taught during training, and minimized resources required for consistent training of groups. These videos should teach things like:

  • What it’s like to have a safe attitude.
  • Keeping a safe mindset and being aware of surroundings.
  • How to reduce potential accidents or help in emergency situations.
  • Equipment safety including operations safety and safety around heavy equipment.
  • PPE safety and understanding of appropriate PPE for different scenarios.
  • Hazardous materials safety including what to do when chemicals spill, how to transport chemicals and exposure risks.

Now that you know the various topics that you can expect to cover with safety training videos for manufacturers, let’s take a look at the potential benefits that come along with producing this type of content for your team.

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Improved Workplace Safety for All Employees

It’s important to understand that safety training videos for manufacturers are not only beneficial to some employees, they have the potential to help anyone involved in the business. If someone is properly trained to recognize risks or to mitigate potential hazards, the impact can be positive for other employees that haven’t been trained and may extend beyond the immediate individual. That’s why we believe that producing safety training videos for manufacturers can provide improved overall workplace safety for all employees, not just some!

Reduced Risk of Fines 

Failure to properly train your employees can result in injury or other serious outcomes. When physical injury occurs or an accident takes place within a manufacturing setting, the manufacturer or factory owner is subject to potential consequences in addition to having an injured employee.  Fines from OSHA or other administrations can be incurred if an accident or injury occurs and the business is found to be at fault for not properly providing training to the employees involved.  Even bigger fines may be possible for safety oversights or for blatantly refusing to provide proper training to those working in the manufacturing environment.

Improved Employee Understanding of Safety Concepts

Producing safety training videos for manufactures will have the benefit of improved employee understanding of safety concepts that are taught. Not only are videos visual but they include audible messaging that helps people to better understand the information being taught and to recall it. In fact, employees are more likely to recall the details of a safety training video than they are if they had read a safety training manual – up to 90% more likely!

Improved Clarity of Concepts

Some safety concepts are difficult to fully gasp, especially if just reading a written manual. However, video makes concepts visually easier to understand. The improved clarity of concepts makes safety training videos for manufacturers an ideal choice in helping employees to completely understand the concepts that are being taught to them. Since everyone learns differently, and some are visual learners while others are audible learners and some are social or kinesthetic learners, video accommodates a huge percentage of the population, much more than any other media type.

Reduced Training Costs

The use of safety training videos for manufactures can reduce overall training costs by tens or even hundreds of thousands for major manufacturing companies. Savings come in a variety of ways including:

  • Reduced hotel and travel costs required for in-person safety training.
  • Reduced costs involved with hiring a trainer.
  • Reduced costs with requiring repeat training when a student misses out on a scheduled training day.

By producing safety training videos for manufacturers, a single video can be produced to train large groups over and over again. There is no need to produce multiple videos on a single concept nor is there the need to keep bringing trainers back over and over. Costs can be reduced substantially in these ways.

Improved Consistency in Training

Another major benefit of producing safety training videos for manufacturers is the improvements in the consistency of training programs. Where in-person training programs can vary from one training program to the next which means those who engage in the training are getting different instruction than others, a single training video will deliver the exact same training over and over again.

Students learn from the same instructor, the same visuals, and the same examples. They are provided the same amount of instruction on the same topics and with the same ideas. This is very important for the overall consistency of safety training videos for manufacturers as it ensures that no student has a better chance of learning more or of otherwise not receiving the details they need to make smart manufacturing decisions. The manufacturer has full control over the training process.

As you can see, there are a lot of benefits that come from producing safety training videos for manufacturers. If you’re a manufacturer that’s interested in reducing your training costs, improving your training outcomes, and minimizing risk at your facility, give Beverly Boy Productions a call to get started on the producing of a safety training video today!