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6 Types of Mechanical Maintenance Training Videos to Use with Your Team

Are you struggling to keep your mechanical maintenance team engaged when training? Do you find that long training manuals don’t get read in full, or that scheduled training programs are difficult to organize and pull the entire team together for? Mechanical maintenance training videos can solve many of these problems, improving team engagement and minimizing the extent of scheduling and interruptions required in order to train your team! 

If you’re wondering where to begin with properly integrating mechanical maintenance training videos into your team, we’ve got you covered! At Beverly Boy Productions we produce a wide variety of training videos and have worked with clients in various industries. We’d love to assist you with the integration of professionally produced mechanical maintenance training videos that you can use with your team to:

  • Improve competency levels and understanding.
  • Increase mechanical integrity at your workspace.
  • Improve the safety of plant or facility operations.
  • Ensure that your employees are properly trained.

To help you get started, here are the top 6 types of mechanical maintenance training videos that we think you should have on hand to train your team and prepare them for success.

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  1. Orientation Training Videos 

Training newly hired mechanical maintenance technicians is integral to running your business without serious concern for employee safety or wellbeing as well as to ensure that employees that you hire understand the expectations of their positions within your organization. Orientation training videos prepare your maintenance techs for the wide range of preventative, predictive, and corrective maintenance issues that they may face throughout their day-to-day job duties.

  1. Safety Training Videos

Of course safety training is an important part of operation any business, particularly when maintenance is involved. Mechanical maintenance training videos that focus on teaching your employees safety in and around the workplace emphasize the importance of following safety protocols and following the procedures that have been put into place to ensure the safety of your team. Whether you’re operating a manufacturing facility or your maintenance techs work around industrial machinery offsite, safety training videos are vital & they’re likely OSHA required for your organization, too!

  1. Management Training Videos

Training your management team is just as important as training any other employees involved in your organization. Mechanical maintenance training videos that focus on bringing your management team up to par not only ensure that management sets a solid example for other employees, but also that your management staff know what is expected of them and their roles. Providing management training to ensure your team has the skills required to operate your mechanical maintenance team safely and effectively should be top of your list in terms of what training you should provide or where you should begin with mechanical maintenance training videos.

  1. Technical Skills Development Training Videos

A wide range of technical skills development is necessary for any mechanical maintenance team. The steps that you take to provide technical skills training for the mechanical maintenance employees that you hire can directly impact your equipment operations, safety, or facility integrity. This is certainly an area where mechanical maintenance training videos must focus heavily on systems and equipment that is directly relative to your facility or plant operations to ensure your team has the training required to operate effectively. Producing customized videos that directly relate to the technical skills that you expect of your team is essential to not only providing proper training but to ensuring that your employees have the resources required for them to be successful in their jobs. 

  1. Onboarding Training Videos

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Having a robust onboarding program is essential to running your mechanical maintenance team. With newly hired mechanical maintenance technicians onboarding training videos can assist in creating a seamless transition into their new position within your organization. With mechanical maintenance training videos that focus on onboarding topics that are directly relative to your business, your newly hired mechanical maintenance technicians will be brought up to speed on the day-to-day operations and expectations of being a member of the team. 

  1. Service Training Videos 

Should your newly hired mechanical maintenance employee be expected to provide maintenance services outside your organization, while representing your business, you’re going to want to be sure that they’ve been properly trained to provide such services to your clients the way that you expect services to be handled. Service training should be a part of the mechanical maintenance training videos which you utilize in preparing your hired techs for carrying out service calls for your organization. These videos highlight the importance of exceptional customer service, the value of providing quality technical service and the steps that you expect to be taken in dealing with each client on the employee’s roster.

As you can see, there are many different ways you can go with mechanical maintenance training videos to bring your team up to speed. All you have to do is give Beverly Boy Productions a call to get started on the production of a mechanical maintenance training series that’s just right for your team!