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 6 Considerations in Producing a YouTube Hazardous Chemical Training Video 

Providing hazardous chemical training is important in many industries, but it’s not always as easy as just looking up a video on YouTube to provide this training. In fact, even if you’re thinking about producing a YouTube hazardous chemical training video, before doing so you should be carefully considering some important details about your video such as how long it should be, how you can keep your audience engaged, and what steps you can take to ensure your video is effective. Making these important decisions ahead of the production will ensure the greatest potential outcome for your hazardous chemical training.

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  1. Keep Training Focused on a Single Topic for Each Video

You might see YouTube videos that are rather long, and expect that you should be creating similar styles of training content for your own employees, but research shows that the most effective training videos are generally under 15 minutes and that most employees prefer training videos between 3 and 6 minutes. If you’re going to create a video that’s just 3 minutes long, it’s going to need to be incredibly focused. Keeping your training focused on a single topic, so that each video can be very short and specific, is important.

  1.   Use Text Overlays & Animations to Improve Viewer Understanding

When producing a YouTube hazardous chemical training video that is going to provide training on a complex concept or topic, consider the use of text overlays or animations that can make the content easier to understand. The use of text based animations that draw viewer interest to a particular concept or point can have several key benefits. Consider animations to reinforce important concepts or topics of interest in your video training.

  1. Create Content that Targets Your Audience 

It’s very important to consider your target audience when you create any video for YouTube or to provide training to your team. Creating video content that doesn’t speak to or resonate with your audience is not conducive to drawing audience interest and engagement, so it could backfire on you. Not knowing your audience, or not paying attention to the importance of targeting your audience, or otherwise failing to produce content that speaks to your audience is one of the greatest mistakes made in the production of training videos for YouTube or otherwise.

  1. Create Interactive Elements into the Video

While you might not initially believe that there’s much you can do to make a YouTube video interactive, the truth is you can work various interactive elements into your video if you plan them ahead of time. As you’re writing your script, consider steps that you can take to make your video interactive for your audience.

Producing a YouTube hazardous chemical training video that includes interactive elements such as 360° video views or the use of link based learning opportunities simply requires some additional planning. If you’re having trouble deciding on what you can do to make your YouTube video training programs more engaging or interactive for your audience, consider communicating with a professional video production company for answers.

At Beverly Boy Productions, we have decades of experience and know what it takes to produce interactive YouTube video training programs that achieve lasting results. Give us a call to learn more about producing training content that will speak to the unique needs of your audience.

  1. Follow Rules of Composition

You might not think the rules of composition are important to training videos, or to the production of YouTube videos, but you might want to think again! The rules of composition are incredibly important, especially when producing training videos for your hazardous chemical plant. Simple rules like, the rule of thirds, can drive home key concepts in your training videos by providing your audience with stronger connections to important visuals or areas of the training.

Not only will the rules of composition draw viewer interest in your video, but they can be used to attract your audience’s attention to specific details that are vital to their training. Just consider the use of simple compositional rules throughout the production of your training videos to ensure the greatest overall outcome for your content.

  1. Consider Professional Production

Producing a YouTube Hazardous chemical training video that is going to grab the attention of your employees and provide them with the level of key training concepts that are required of working at a chemical plant can be challenging. If you’re not a professional video producer, you might find yourself struggling with various aspects of the production process from writing the script to filming the video or editing. 

For best results, and to ensure your training videos deliver the same level of professionalism and quality that you want your employees to expect of your business, you’ll probably want to hire a professional film crew to assist you with the production process. Producing a YouTube hazardous chemical training video, with the support of a professional film crew, is certainly going to be easier than it would be to produce the video on your own and the outcome will most certainly be higher quality, too.

To learn more about producing a YouTube hazardous chemical training video for your organization, give Beverly Boy Productions a call!