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5 Reasons to Use Video for Customer Service Training for Restaurant Staff

Recent studies have proven the impact that customer service training for restaurant staff can have on the bottom line for your restaurant. In fact, studies have gone as far as to mention that proper training can help your staff increase their tips, generate higher meal sales & revenue, and create repeat business.  If you’re looking for ways to improve customer service training for restaurant staff at your establishment, video is the way to go!

Providing proper training on customer service essentials including soft skills and basic customer interactions can literally make or break your restaurant. Like other businesses that rely on hospitality, customer service is the very core of restaurant marketing. Training your staff to treat customers with the best possible customer service can help you achieve your restaurant goals. After all, each of your staff members act as the face of your restaurant brand.

If you’re not convinced that video training for your staff is the way to go, consider these top reasons that we believe you should be using video for customer service training for restaurant staff and in all other areas of food and beverage hospitality.

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  1. Video Presents Real World Scenarios without the Risk

Of course you need your staff to learn how they can prepare for virtually any behavior style or customer complaint, but do you really want them to train “on the job,” as in, right in front of the unruly or unsatisfied customer? Wouldn’t it be better to provide the training first, and then present your staff to your customers? This way, should a customer have a problem, staff will have the knowledge and training to know how to handle it without making the customer more upset. With video, you can provide real world training scenarios without risking customer satisfaction.

  1. Video is Convenient & Accessible

Are you having trouble getting your staff to engage in training because they, “Don’t have time,” or “couldn’t access the training,” or a host of other reasons? With video training, you can teach customer service skills to your restaurant staff in a convenient and easy to access manner. In fact, video training is available on-demand, anytime, day or night, weekends and holidays included. No more worries about staff being unable to find the time to train with the average training video being just 5 minutes long, there’s always time to train!

  1. Video is Faster & More Affordable

Remember that we said the average customer service training for restaurant staff that’s in the form of video is about 5 minutes per video. But did you know that in that 5 minutes time, your staff can learn almost as much as they would in an hour of lecture? Video makes training much faster than lecture based in-person training and textbook or manual style training, too. Because video is faster, it’s also more affordable than other formats of training. You can pay a single upfront cost to produce training videos for your restaurant and won’t have any additional costs after that.

  1. Video Makes Training More Engaging

If you’re having problems with your team getting engaged and enjoying the training that you’re providing, it’s probably because of the type of training that you’re providing. Lectures are simply not nearly as favored in the training world anymore because video is what everyone wants. Short, burst of training in video make it easier to stay engaged and to retain the information that is taught. Instead of providing a one hour lecture series on customer service training for your restaurant staff, which they’ll likely forget most of within the first week – turn to video for all of your customer service training!

  1. Video is Easy to Monitor

Are you struggling to assess who’s finished their training and who hasn’t? Do you wonder how much your restaurant staff recalls from their last training seminar? Are you finding holes in your customer service that need to be rectified? With video training, you can easily monitor your staff’s engagement in customer service training. For restaurant staff, this means that you have full control over how your staff trains, when they train, what they train on, and many other options. You can easily see if they have watched their training, engaged in the video content, done well with quizzes or in-training interactive elements or might need more help from you one-on-one.

As you can see, there are several major reasons to use video for customer service training for restaurant staff at your establishment. From teaching your staff in a way that they’ll be most likely to recall, to providing them with the flexibility that they need to engage in training on their time and to learn at their own pace, video training is simply better! At Beverly Boy Productions, we specialize in the production of customer service training videos for the restaurant industry as well as the hospitality industry. Give us a call to learn more about training your staff to provide the best customer service!