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How to Hire a Nashville Hybrid Event Company

Combining the experience of a mixed technical event in which attendees can engage from in-person via a venue in Nashville as well as virtually via an event platform is a huge deal! These hybrid events require a lot of careful planning and considerations before execution. Hiring a local Nashville hybrid event company that can assist you with the logistics, planning and key details of organizing in-person and virtual components of a hybrid event is an important step towards hosting a successful event for your attendees. This is your opportunity to form incredible experiences for your audience, but you really do need to hire an expert team to assist you!

Beverly Boy Productions is your Nashville hybrid event company with specializations in the production of hybrid events that will engage your audience and entertain them building lasting memories for years to come. We know what it takes to produce a hybrid event that attendees in Nashville will rave about! That’s because our expert team has been producing virtual events & in-person events, for decades.

What is a Hybrid Event?

A hybrid event is a mixed, virtual and in-person, event that allows attendees that opportunity to engage in real-time via a venue or an event platform such as an app. These events became incredibly popular as a result of COVID-19, when venues had limited capacity to hold large crowds and social distancing regulations were largely in place. However, what was born out of necessity has quickly become the chosen option for many businesses and organizations that have found their audiences appreciate the opportunity to attend events at their leisure either online through virtual sessions or in-person as desired. Hence, hybrid events are now incredibly popular worldwide.

Today, conferences, trade shows, meetings, town halls and a variety of other events are now hybrid meaning they have mixed opportunities for both in-person and virtual connections for attendees. Not only do hybrid events have a larger attendee capacity, they appeal to attendees that otherwise could not make it to an in-person event for various reasons including health or mobility, finances, or distance. Traveling no longer keeps audiences away from your big events when you choose to provide a hybrid, in-person and virtual event opportunity for your fans!

Hiring a Nashville Hybrid Event Company

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If you’re thinking of hosting a hybrid event in Nashville, you really need to be focused on hiring a Nashville hybrid event company that can assist you with the next steps of the production process. Hybrid events are fun and exciting, but they require very distinct technology and understanding of event production both in-person at a Nashville venue as well as virtual. This means you need to be sure that the hybrid event production company you choose to hire must:

  • Understand hybrid events and the technology required to host an event of this stature.
  • Have the equipment and tools to produce in-person events and the virtual component.
  • Understand virtual programming and livestreaming as well as networking.
  • Be prepared to coordinate the digital swap, shipped swag, takeaways, and other event swap that will be given to attendees before or after the event takes place.
  • Know how to plan, and execute, a hybrid event that will entertain and engage your audience. 

If you think this seems like a lot to consider before hosting a Nashville hybrid event, you’re right! There is a lot that goes into the logistics and planning of a hybrid event in Nashville or any other area. That’s why we recommend you hire a professional Nashville hybrid event company, like Beverly Boy Productions, that has the experience, equipment, and education to execute a hybrid event that’s going to amaze your audience!

To learn more about hybrid event production and the next steps involved in producing a hybrid event that’s going to captivate your audience and build momentum around attendees, give Beverly Boy Productions a call. Our hybrid event production company has more than two decades of experience and can’t wait to work with your organization on your next hybrid event in Nashville!