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What Makes a Powerful Marketing Sports Video?

Live video has long been a powerful standard for sports marketing, and continues to be a key player in delivering professional sports marketing to consumers across a variety of channels and networks including now television and social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. If you’re wondering what makes a powerful marketing sports video, you’re not alone! Checkout these top features that you can expect in any powerful marketing sports video. In fact, if you’re new to producing sports videos, you’re probably going to be surprised at some of the ways that sports videos engage, entertain, and effectively connect with consumers.

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Connecting with Your Audience

The key to making a powerful marketing sports video is connecting with your audience. This means that you know not only who your audience is in regards to age, gender, and socioeconomic status, but also what they like, how they operate, and what kind of content they want to see. 

If you know your audience on a personal level, you can create powerful marketing videos that advance your sport. In fact, expect to produce a powerful marketing sports video that targets your key audience through:

  • Reaching the audience at the platform that they are most likely to watch video content on – such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook Live, YouTube Live or somewhere else.
  • Delivering content at a time that is most suitable for your audience – are they watching after school? After work? On the weekends?
  • Paying attention to the style your audience wants. Do they want to see upbeat videos? Humor? Clips that share the latest actions? Something else?

Every great sports marketing video includes a focus on the audience and resonates with your audience accordingly.

Personalize Whenever Possible

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If you’re able to personalize your video content, do it! If you’re not sure what makes a powerful marketing sports video, it’s generally something that resonates with your audience and that they feel is projected to them. You don’t want to ‘sell” your audience. Every video you create should tell a story that your audience feels connected to. Personalizing your video content by including:

  • Key audience details.
  • Important interaction opportunities.
  • The ability to take action.

Is key to a successful sports marketing video. Make sure that you are prepared to provide you audience with support, in the form of live interaction, visual reproduction, interviews, and interactive attention that your audience will feel most connected with.

Keep it Short & Sweet

It’s widely accepted that marketing videos are about 1-2 minutes in total length, but sports videos might even be a little nit shorter! In fact, the ideal length of a sports marketing video is probably closer to 1 minute total with the majority of the action taking place in the very beginning, hooking your audience and delivering the promise early on.

The rise in platforms like Tik Tok and YouTube Shorts has caused an increase in the number of short videos that creators are producing. In fact, if you’re still wondering what kind of sports marketing videos you should create, social media is a great place to start – get on Tik Tok and start posting short, distinct yet powerful marketing sports videos to build up your brand recognition and representation.

Create a Variety of Videos

Don’t just use video to sell to your audience! No audience want to be sold to by a cheesy marketing video that features utterly and overly happy people that are purely pushing products or services without any other agenda but to drive sales. That just won’t do  in today’s sports marketing world. 

Instead, consider making powerful marketing sports videos that reflect you brand and your professionalism. Post content that varies in length, style, and type in order to provide your audience with what they like, and in order to reach a wider audience with your efforts. Consider posting the following:

  • Videos that share insight into your sport.
  • Interviews with professionals involved in the sport.
  • Clips and replays which show the sport in action.
  • Newsreels that share your day-to-day activities.

There are endless ways that you can use video marketing for your sports product or to represent the sports that you’re marketing.

Still Unsure Where to Begin?

If you’re still wondering what makes a powerful marketing sports video, you’re definitely not alone! Give Beverly Boy Productions a call to learn about sports video marketing that will be most appropriate for your business. We’ll help you with everything from the planning of your sports videos to the actual shooting and later distribution of the content to your desired audience.

With more than two decades of experience, we love to work with clients that are not quite sure what makes a powerful marketing sports video as we can not only guide the filmmaking and production process, but we’ll also deliver high quality engagement that gives you the excitement to stick it out and share your efforts with you intended audience. To learn more about what makes a powerful marketing sports video, give Beverly Boy Productions a call!