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The History and Upcoming of Fictional Crossover Films  

Crossover films represent a unique genre in which there is a crossover from another fictional film or story to combine two or more fictional characters, settings, or universes in context and create a single story. Some of the most recognized films in recent years are crossover films, but where does the idea for fictional crossovers come from and why? As we examine the history of crossover films, Team Beverly Boy dives deep down into a world of fictional evolution in which cultural borders and conceptualization are crossed.

What Are Crossover Films?

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Fictional crossover films, are the result of an emerging trend in which certain characteristics and elements of a particular fictional film are crossed with one or more other fiction films to create an entirely new story. Crossover films date back as far as 1948 when Abott and Costello Meet Frankenstein. Films of this capacity have long been found to attract wide audiences and to generate great success, but why?

Perhaps it’s the phenomena that makes crossover films so attractive. The idea of bringing unique characters from an entirely different fictional world into a new cinematic world for the audience to engage and gain entertainment from. Perhaps it’s something entirely different?

Marvel has been known to produce many different crossover films over the years. With it’s mix of B- and C-list characters, we’ve seen a variety of instances in which Marvel films have crossed over. In fact, we’ve even seen instances in which Sony and Marvel have paired up, a bold maneuver that would prove incredibly valuable for both entities ultimately.

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The Crossover of King Kong vs. Godzilla

In 1962, we saw King Kong vs. Godzilla come out as another major advance in crossover films. This was shortly after the Frankenstein films that would introduce the crossover as something that film viewers would come to find both engaging and entertaining alike. 

Eventually, additional crossover films would also be introduced within the Godzilla realm, we saw Godzilla vs. Kong in 2020 many years later but in between we would see King Kong vs. Godzilla come up several times.

Recent Crossover Films

In more recent years, cross over films would continue to spark amusement at theaters. Movies like Who Framed Roger Rabbit would provide the ultimate crossover between films that introduced a mix of animation and live action film with characters that mixed a bit of Looney Tunes with 21st Century live action characters. Additional exhibitions of crossover films would also be seen in the works of Disney, Spielberg and other major producers.

The Alien vs. Predator series would bring another exhibit of crossover films to theaters. Featuring films that were released in 2004 and in 2007, these highlighted the continued audience interest In the crossing of fictional characters and world with one another. In fact, we continue to see crossover films that make their way into theaters almost annually as new ideas to combine past characters, settings, and worlds with new displays continue to collide.