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Our Atlanta Church Video Production Company, is where religious communities can find quality video content for choir concerts, live streaming of church services, plays, or any kind of event that your house of worship may offer. Church video production in Atlanta is extremely important today. Whether you want to do live church streaming or have a recorded services archive, video content is fast becoming one of the best tools for church marketing firms. Per the Pew Research Center, over 35% of Americans "state" that they attend church regularly, but the truth is that only a percentage actually do. A church marketing consultant can do a lot to help you sustain your membership while also growing your audience. At Beverly Boy Productions, we'd be blessed to work with your team in promoting your church and helping you to build bridges in your community. At Beverly Boy Productions, our video marketing agency can provide you with a specific video package that will help you have the most unique and appealing content needed for your church's needs. If you want to do something different to reach your parishioners with captivating video content, consider making Beverly Boy Productions your Atlanta church video production company.

Church Video Marketing in Atlanta

There are many Church video marketing companies in Atlanta that you can check out. However, you'll want to make sure that you find one that has the production knowledge that you need. Church marketing is diverse and thus requires unique methods for effective member growth and sustainability. What you need is a company that has experience in church video production. An experienced company knows which gear to use for recording a simple church play and what type of equipment is required for a church live-streaming set-up. Beverly Boy Productions can provide you with the mega-church streaming live church services you may need or simply by helping you with the church recording of a Christmas play. At Beverly Boy Productions, we are the Atlanta church video production company with the experience you need for your project.

Atlanta church live-streaming services

There are many reasons why using church video production in Georgia is a good idea. There are also many benefits to it. First of all, when you record important events, you can share what you're doing with your community to help build trust in your church and message. It is also effective for attracting new members. Next, creating specific video content can help you define the people that you want to reach, whether it be youth groups, couples, singles, or any kind of demographics. You could even use video content for holding a live church service online on a regular basis. Atlanta church live-streaming services can also help you to stay in touch with members who have to travel a lot. A video is also an effective way to create an emotional connection, which can go far in helping you get new members to join your church family. As a cost-effective tool, you can use it for any kind of service you have, whether it be lessons for Sunday school or a Bible study. When you have video content filmed and edited, you can use it repeatedly. There is no limit to how you can use video content, so are you ready to hire a local Atlanta church video production company today?

Streaming in Atlanta

If you're searching for an Atlanta Church Video Production Company that knows the city well, we can help you out. With so many years of filming here, we know specific locations that can help you stand out. A unique backdrop that holds importance in Atlanta is the Sacred Heart of Jesus Basilica. Built in 1897 by an Atlanta architect, W. T. Downing, this church has unique, attractive French Romanesque style that will look good for any type of footage you want to capture. Another spot that could be ideal for your church live stream is the Atlanta History Center, which has even be used for big Hollywood films and holds a lot of historical significance in the city. Whichever venue you choose to use, you can be sure to capture great film at some of Atlanta's best spots.


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    When you're ready to get started on using Atlanta faith-based video marketing services, don't hesitate to make Beverly Boy Productions your Atlanta church video production company. When you contact us, our producers will meet with you to go over the details for your project. From base concepts, to information on live or recorded footage, your goals, and which gear to use, this meeting will help us come up with a stress-free plan for production. Then, your footage will be filmed and edited. Once we have completed the footage, you can let us know if you want any edits or additions. When you're satisfied with the final cut, you can share it however and whenever you like.



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