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Tips on How to Write a Video Case Study 

Case study videos are some of the most sought after forms of content online for business owners and brands, as well as for consumers. B2B marketers find them to be incredible effective, and consumers find them to be useful in helping to dictate their purchase decisions and conversions. But when it comes to knowing how to write a video case study that will translate into a powerful representation of your business and the benefits that it can provide to your prospective customers, there’s more than just basic planning involved.

At Beverly Boy Productions, we specialize in the creation of top quality, professionally branded case study videos. We not only know how to write a video case study that’s going to drive conversions for your audience, but we know what it takes to film a story that your viewers will connect with, find valuable, and keep coming back for. Give us a call to learn more about working with us on the professional production of a video case study.

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Start with the Target Customer Audience

Before you can figure out how to write a video case study that’s going to resonate with your audience, you need to think about who your target audience is exactly. You want to target a niche audience, rather than attempt to target an entirely broad audience, because if you go too broad you might not be able to create the consumer connections that you need for conversions. 

Think about who your audience is, how your customers will relate to them, and what problems they likely have that your past clients have also had. Think also about how you will portray your case study as an intricate look into how your brand solves their problems.

Ask the Right Questions to the Right Customer

The next step in figuring out how to write a video case study is going to be planning your line of questioning for your interview. The interview process is key to the case study. It creates the background, the storyline, and the solution that your brand offers. 

Asking the right questions will drive the story down the right path, creating a unique approach for your audience. You must also be sure that you’re planning to interview the most appropriate customer for the story. You want a customer that is comfortable on camera, will answer your questions in a way that creates a true story that your audience can connect with, and will provide figures to back up their claim.

Write the Script for the Video

Much of knowing how to write a video case study will be based on the script that you write. Keep in mind that your script should be conversational, and that you should have about 150 words per minute of video, including your interview video and customer testimonials. 

When writing your script, think about how each section will play out on camera. Consider the b-roll, graphics, and any other elements that will be included to make the script effective for your target audience. If you’ve never wrote a script before, or you’ve never approached the process of learning how to write a video case study script, consider calling a professional to assist.

Back Everything Up with Real World Examples & Statistics

Remember how we said your ideal customer will have facts and figures? It’s important here, because as you write your video case study, you’re going to include real examples and statistics from your customers to fill in the details that your target might be interested in.

If you don’t have the facts and the figures to back up your claim, your audience is going to be left wanting more from you. It’s best to define these details ahead of time, that way you can plan for graphs or other figures that you wish to include along the way in the process.

Hire a Professional for Production & Post-Production

Knowing how to write a video case study also requires that you know something about film production. For most business owners, this is where they turn to professionals to assist them with the process to ensure they get a top quality case study video that their audience loves.

Hiring a professional to help you with the production of your case study video, and to assist in the post-production editing of the video is essential. They’ll work up the shot list that is most appropriate, and they’ll be able to plan the details of the scheduled shoot, equipment needs, and production crew.

At Beverly Boy Productions, we specialize in working with business owners to create professional case study videos that they can use across their network. If you’re just learning how to write a video case study, consider contacting us for assistance in every step of the process. You will certainly be glad that you did!