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How to Build Your Personal Brand with Video 

Whether you’re new to video or just looking for some ideas on how to build your personal brand with video, the first steps to developing any marketing or advertising campaign backed by video can be overwhelming. Naturally you want to put your best foot forward and shine, but you may not know exactly where to begin or what to even do. We’ve got some tips and ideas to help you establish your personal brand through the addition of video content across various marketing and advertising channels including your website, social media, and your email marketing campaigns.

Start with a Personal Introduction Video

Sometimes referred to as a personal profile video or brand introduction video, this is your opportunity to introduce yourself and your business aspirations. These videos are generally very short (less than 2 minutes) and provide a comprehensive overview of your own personal brand. Most of the time, you’ll use this as your start point as it’s the very first video that your audience will see. It’s very important to be sure that your video makes a great first impression, so your best bet is to hire a professional film crew to assist in the production process.

Host a Q&A

Your next big to-do in learning how to build your personal brand with video is to host a Q&A that your audience can actively engage with. Allow your audience to openly ask you whatever questions they have on their mind and be honest with your answers. This is a great opportunity for you to build your own personal brand and it’s going to make your followers immediately feel like they are more deeply connected to you.

Keep in mind that you won’t have scripted answers so it’s going to be incredibly important to prepare yourself for whatever may come your way. Since videos like this are generally broadcasted live to your audience, you’re probably going to want to have at least 1 moderator available to assist in blocking out spam users or in otherwise helping you to keep everything under control. 

Create Educational Videos About Your Brand

These should not only be about your brand, but about topics or subjects that are directly or indirectly connected to your brand. Educational videos can be embedded into your website, blog posts, or email campaigns to help your audience further connect with your brand and get the information that is important to them. 

Video is inspiring, engaging, and interesting for your audience. Creating educational videos, even if they are just additions to your existing on-site content in a blog or if they complement an email you’re sending, they are ideal for building your brand and increasing audience excitement and engagement. When you include video in your email campaigns, you could generate up to 300% higher click-through-rate, and on blog posts when video is included you can expect higher search engine rankings.

Create Customer Testimonial Videos

As you continue to focus on the steps you can take to build your personal brand with video, consider sharing video content that proves how satisfied your past clients or customers are. Customer testimonial videos are typically under 1 minute but they pack an incredibly powerful punch. Satisfied customers that share real life stories that directly relate to your personal brand can help you to grow your audience, improve trust among clients, and build an incredibly strong personal brand.

If your personal brand is focused on local clientele, customer testimonial videos can be incredibly valuable, particularly if they showcase a recognizable person from the community. Whether local or not, testimonials that offer glowing remarks about your own personal brand are great for building trust among prospective customers, clients, or others such as prospective employees.

Open Up for Discussion

Sometimes people just want to see videos that show off what it is that makes you the best individual for a particular industry. This is where learning how to build your personal brand with video can really pay off. Consider picking a topic that is important to you and letting the camera roll. Open yourself up for a discussion about whatever the topic is and take your time. 

While a script is not required for videos like this, you might want an outline at least of the key points that you wish to cover while the camera is rolling. The point of videos like these is to further show your audience what your thought processes are, where your mindset is, and how you operate as a brand, personal.

Learning how to build your personal brand with video is all about shifting the focus onto yourself as a brand rather than just as an individual. In doing so, it’s very important for your audience to feel connected to your brand and to resonate with what you have to share. This is why we recommend you create a wide variety of videos with varied topics and equally varied styles in order to capture the interests of a wider audience and to deliver as much of a punch as possible with each video you create. For help or for more information on how to build your personal brand with video, give Beverly Boy Productions a call!