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How to Hire a Birmingham Hybrid Event Company

Hosting a hybrid event in Birmingham is something many organizations choose to do, particularly as these types of events have quickly become the most popular choice post COVID-19. Featuring mixed, in-person and virtual components, hybrid event production is attractive to guests, presenters, and sponsors alike. Hiring a Birmingham hybrid event company to assist in the production of a mixed virtual and in-person hybrid event for your organization is an important step towards the successful launch of your hybrid event. 

What is a Hybrid Event?

A hybrid event is any event that includes both a live and in-person component as well as the ability for attendees to engage virtually via an app or online event hosting platform. Hybrid events have quickly gained popularity for their ability to allow event hosts to engage larger audiences without increasing overhead or requiring larger venue spaces, but these are not the only benefits that come from the decision to host a hybrid event.

Hybrid events are attractive to guests that face various health conditions or physical disabilities that prevent them from attending similar events in-person. They’re also attractive to sponsors because they tend to reach such a broad audience and have such high engagement overall. Organizations find hybrid events attractive for their relatively low overhead comparative to entirely in-person events. 

Benefits of Hybrid Events

In addition to the benefits previously listed, hybrid events also present a number of potential benefits to presenters, organizations, and attendees. Organization owners love the fact the hybrid events create additional revenue streams that couldn’t be achieved with a standard in-person event. By hosting an online component, and featuring additional ticketing options, the event host can raise additional revenue from the event from those joining virtually.

Sponsors love the fact that hybrid events have incredible reach. This makes the typical hybrid event more appealing to sponsors regardless of their location or the venue location. Sponsors are able to support hybrid events that are hosted worldwide increasing their reach and maximizing the presence of their brand.

Hybrid events also have reduced carbon footprint, a benefit that is appealing to many organizations. By hosting the majority of the event online, there is drastically reduced need for large venue space, food and beverage requirements for a large crowd, and the energy required to present to such a crowd. Instead, many of the event activities can take place virtually, online allowing to a lower budgeted in-person event without lowering the audience attendance. 

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Hiring a Birmingham Hybrid Event Company

There’s a lot that goes into the production of a Birmingham hybrid event, which is why we recommend hiring a Birmingham hybrid event company to work with. These professionals, such as Beverly Boy Productions, know the importance of technology and training when it comes to the production of a Birmingham hybrid event. By hiring a professional Birmingham hybrid event production company, you know that you’ll have assistance with:

  • Venue scheduling and negotiations in Birmingham.
  • Hiring crew to film or produce the livestream portion of hybrid event content.
  • Assistance with polling and capturing attendee data.
  • Event programming and management.
  • Production of customized event platform, app, and associated branding.
  • Event promotions and marketing.
  • Interactive event programming support.
  • Live event production, audio and lighting.
  • Virtual event production streaming.


These are just a few of the ways that a Birmingham hybrid event company is going to assist in the production and execution of a hybrid event for your organization. To learn more about producing a hybrid event in Birmingham, or for assistance in hiring local hybrid event production crew, give Beverly Boy Production a Call. 

We are your Birmingham hybrid event company. With more than two decades of experience and technical expertise in the production of hybrid events, our crew can’t wait to assist you. We’ll put our best skills to work in the production of a hybrid event that engages your audience both online and off!