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What is Pre-Roll Video?

Pre-roll video can be used to deliver your message sample to an audience that is only partially interested in your brand. Think of it like an elevator pitch. You have only a few seconds to make the most out of the message you deliver. What will you say to capture the attention of the audience so that they actually want to know more about you and your brand later on?

The term pre-roll video comes from “first glance” in which a video is played before the primary video to show a viewer what they are about to see. The pre-roll video is used on YouTube, Social Media or for major film productions to generate interest in the video that you intend to share. It comes from the fact that any film in motion is “rolling.” Therefore, before the main film rolls, you see the pre-roll video.

Pre-Roll Video

Why Use Pre-Roll Video

Pre-roll video ads can be used to grasp the viewer’s attention and convince them that they actually need or will appreciate what you provide in the full length film that accompanies the pre-roll footage. They represent a quick intro to what you have to say.

Just as you would use a video thumbnail to capture a click, you can use a video pre-roll to engage the viewer long enough to get the main film started. Keep the interest enough and they will click through to your landing page or website to learn more or watch the rest of the film.

Capturing the attention of a diverse audience with a pre-roll video requires a lot of careful planning and consideration as you have mere seconds to make or break the interest in the film. Just as in an elevator speech you have seconds to make it count, so too is the fact with movie pre-roll video footage. This is your opportunity to captivate our audience.

Pre-Roll Video

Where to Use Pre-Roll Video

Not sure where to use video pre-roll? This form of marketing applies to most video-sharing sites. Social media and landing pages use video pre-roll footage to capture interest and deliver the audience to the full length video on a website or similar host. You can determine exactly where to share your pre-roll video after you determine how you will distribute your full length video. To maximize impact, consider delivering the pre-roll to a target audience in the social platform they are most likely to spend their time in.

Creating Pre-Roll Videos

Once you determine where and why you need pre-roll video, consider the following techniques for creating effective pre-roll videos for your project:


  • Avoid long winded text or speeches. Stick with captivating footage.
  • Focus on delighting your audience.
  • Entertainment is key.
  • Keep it simple, short and super engaging.
  • Provide details on what you sell more so than what it costs.


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