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17 Places To Post Your Video Once it’s Produced

Video production isn’t the only step involved in making a high-quality viral hit. If you’re wondering where to post videos to get views, the sky is kind of the limit depending on what you’re really looking to accomplish. Several different video sharing platforms, social media platforms, and business platforms exist to provide a foundation for you to share your video to. We’ve outlined these top 17 places to post your video once it’s published to help you get started.

  1. Your Website

The first place that you MUST post your video to is your website. Even if you choose not to post the video anywhere else online, please post it to your website so that your customers can see. You worked hard on the video, and your website is a great place to host it. Plus, adding video to your website improves the SEO value increasing the chance for more views and traffic to your site.

  1. Your Social Accounts

You should consider sharing your video to your own social accounts for your followers, friends and family to see. These are the people that are most likely to appreciate your hard work–so start sharing! Posting video to your social feed will not only increase views, it will also help your customers and prospective customers to learn more about your brand.

  1. Facebook & Instagram

Maybe you already shared the video to Facebook and Instagram when we said “post to your social accounts.” But in case you didn’t, and you’re wondering, “Where can I post my video to get more views,” Facebook and Instagram are next on the list. Posting videos to your account will nurture leads that are already following you, but you can also include your video as an advertisement and boost the post so that it reaches many more in your target market.

  1. Yelp

If you’re a local business, consider posting your video to Yelp to attract would-be customers. Yelp is one of the first places for would-be customers to look for details on local products, services, and brands and, sharing a professionally produced video there can help your business listing to stand out against the competition.

  1. Trip Advisor

If you are a local business or in any way related to travel, you need to share your video on TripAdvisor. Doing so will attract the business of tourists that are planning tips for social events or work and looking for new opportunities in the areas they visit. This is an excellent place for bars, restaurants, and special attractions to share video content.

  1. Dailymotion

Sharing your video on Dailymotion allows users to view, upload and browse other videos by category or tag. Your content can attract a completely unique set of eyes here diversifying the leads and sources you get for your business.

  1. Imgur

This is a great site for hosting video content in front of an active community that seeks to increase virality of content similar to what you would expect from Reddit. Imgur content often gets shared on Reddit so you could get a double whammy by posting to one and users sharing to the other.

  1. LiveLeak

LiveLeak is a video sharing platform that allows users to post videos that are related to war, politics, and world events. Since we see many other social platforms banning these types of videos, LiveLeak offers a unique opportunity to creators of these kinds of video content.

  1. Mix

Sharing your video on Mix is essentially a curated version of StumbleUpon and therefore offers a place where your audience can like and share your video with others.  Users create collections much like they do in Pinterest and can share public-facing collections that include videos and links for the world to see.

  1. YouTube

Most people think of YouTube as the first place to share their video, but in case you didn’t consider this option to get more views for your video, make sure you share to the second largest social platform that exists today! YouTube is a video specific platform that attracts new users as well as an existing audience and allows your video to be curated by others in the community.

  1. Linkedin

If you’ve created a corporate video, or a video that answers an industry related question, make sure you share it on Linkedin. Interviews are also ideal for Linkedin as are videos that showcase the offerings of a brand. Posting videos on Linkedin is a key indicator of activity on a Linkedin Profile so be sure you share frequently!

  1. Vimeo

A user-friendly hosting option, Vimeo provides a place for you to share brand videos while offering the ability for other creators on the platform to engage with your brand. Creativity and high caliber productions are sought at Vimeo so make sure you place only your best videos here.

  1. In Your Emails

If you’re sending out a marketing email and you have a video that showcases your brand or a product or service that relates to the email–include the video in the email! Email marketing is a significant influencer of sales and the use of video can greatly increase conversions here.

  1. Instagram Stories

Your instagram stories are seen by current followers and offer a unique opportunity to reach out to them and nurture the relationship. Sharing your video to your Instagram Stories provides a unique preview for followers to connect with you on a deeper, more intimate level.

  1. Pinterest

Pinterest is no longer just for static images. In fact, posting video on Pinterest as part of your curated content board will help to further nurture your audience and increase brand awareness. If your video features a DIY, how-to or similar project, Pinterest is a great place to share.

  1. Medium

Posting your video to Medium is a great way to nurture readers that already follow your blog and may be inclined to become a customer if they were to see your brand elsewhere on the web. Consider sharing corporate videos on Medium in addition to your blog.

  1. Instructables

Instructables is a video how-to site that offers a place to share tutorials and guides. If you have a DIY or any kind of video that provides instructions that users can benefit from, you should be sharing it on Instructables to get would-be buyers to convert into customers. Since only a certain type of content is acceptable on this site, make sure yours fits before you take the steps to share.

Of these 17 places to post your video once it’s produced, which are your favorites?