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5 Ways to Enhance Your Company YouTube Channel

Have you recently started a YouTube channel for your business or brand? Most businesses realize how important it is to reach potential and existing customers from all angles, even social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, but they fail to realize that YouTube optimization takes extra effort above and beyond simply creating a video and posting it to the channel. To help you improve your YouTube channel we’ve compiled this list of 5 ways to enhance your company YouTube channel.

Unfortunately, many businesses still have an “If you build it they will come” attitude towards internet marketing and mistakenly believe that simply creating a video and adding it to YouTube will generate traffic, likes, comments and shares. But the reality is, to get the most out of your YouTube channel, you must take steps to define your YouTube marketing strategy and learn how to optimize YouTube videos like a pro!

Here are the 5 most important ways to improve YouTube channel traffic, likes, comments and shares.


  1. Structure Your Channel for Ease of Navigation

Don’t be the culprit that just throws videos up haphazardly hoping for the best! A well defined structure for your channel is the first step to an effective YouTube marketing strategy. What do we mean by structure? With YouTube, your structure is built out by creating playlists that organize the videos by topic.

For instance, if your business provides special services to your customers, you could create playlists for each type of service that contain the videos related to that particular service. Most choose to show the most recent or most watched videos on the YouTube channel homepage and then properly silo out the remaining videos into categories just as you would structure a blog or even the chapters of a book. Ever video has a place within the structure and your visitors can easily find what they are looking for.

  1. Visual Identity that is Appealing

Many businesses work so hard to define their visual identity. So why not use your core visual identity throughout your YouTube channel too? This helps your visitors to know they can trust the channel because it belongs to a brand they recognize. Likewise, an appealing visual identity that targets your ideal audience will keep visitors engaged.

Consider signposting your visual content with your brand’s logo or other identifying features to help visitors know it’s you. A well-represented visual identity in YouTube with high quality, visually appealing thumbnails for each video will help to improve click through rates and keep your viewers around.

  1. Stay Consistent with Your Brand

As you plan your YouTube marketing strategy and consider the various ways to improve your YouTube channel, think about the steps you can take to remain consistent with your business message throughout. For example, you may want to ensure that your video titles and descriptions use the same tone of voice that you would use in any other marketing material for your brand.

Including video transcripts that are also consistent with the brand message will further help to drive clicks and views by offering up added SEO benefits that you simply cannot achieve with video alone. In fact, transcripts add at least 16% more traffic to the page where the video is hosted when compared to pages without transcripts. YouTube has a built in transcript editor that allows you to easily add a transcript to any video without much time or effort involved.

  1. Create Engaging Videos

You can optimize your YouTube channel to the highest extent possible, but if your videos are not engaging, you won’t keep visitors coming back for more. That’s why it’s very important to create engaging, high quality videos for your YouTube channel. If you’re not sure how to create top notch videos, give Beverly Boy Productions a call to discuss our production services and how we can help you improve your YouTube videos.

The most successful YouTube channels include highly engaging videos that are targeted to the audience they are aiming to reach. Videos that connect with the audience have the greatest potential to generate interaction within the community.

  1. Compel Visitors to Take Action

Ultimately, your YouTube channel should act as an extension of your marketing efforts to compel potential customers or existing customers to take action. A well structured channel that is optimized will certainly compel viewers to take further action after they watch the video. You may consider adding a call to action to the end of your videos that will drive viewers back to your website, or maybe you include a phone number at the bottom of the video to encourage viewers to call you. Whatever your Call to Action is, it is important to include it into your videos and channel to ensure viewers take the desired next steps.

While these 5 ways to enhance your company YouTube channel are some of the obvious and most essential steps you can take, there are several other creative ways you can continue to build and optimize your YouTube channel for growth. Just remember to stay focused, structured, compelling and engaging along the way.