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 5 Reasons to Outsource Video Production to a National Film Production Company

Businesses have realized the importance of video and the need to increase the output of video in marketing campaigns as consumers consistently turn more towards this powerful medium. With more than 84% of all businesses already using some kind of video in their marketing campaigns, and consumers watching 100 minutes of video online each day, the question isn’t if video is important or why, but how much video can my business reasonably produce and should I outsource to produce more? If you’re even remotely considering the addition of videos to your marketing campaigns, you’ll want to check out these reasons to outsource video production. National film crews are the answer to your filmmaking needs, and we’re explaining why!

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Why Consider National Film Production

Outsourcing your video production is a huge step for any brand, especially if you’ve never taking the time to hire outside your business for something as complex and creative as video production. However, it’s important to consider outsourcing video production to a national filmmaker, for several reasons actually. Not only do national video production companies have the ability to take your project to new locations worldwide, but they bring with them worldwide expertise.

By looking at the national level, you can rest assured that you should be able to work one-on-one with the company, specifically because they will have offices worldwide to suit you allowing for a greater potential for you to interact with them and their team in person no matter where you are.

In addition to the common potential reasons to outsource video production to a national film production company, there are several reasons that we just believe outsourcing video production is the way to go in general and for most brands. 

  1. Expertise in the Industry

You cannot say that a film crew has less expertise than you would have producing videos in-house, at least not unless you happen to hire a crew to come on-board to work in house in which case it’s possible that the expertise will be comparable in nature. Most business owners can’t afford the full time salary for an entire film crew and editing crew in-house and therefore, they benefit greatly from hiring outside, possibly a national film crew that brings with them expertise from many regions of the world.

  1.   Top Technology & Tools

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Filmmaking requires a lot of equipment and it’s not cheap. Upgrading to the top equipment every year or every couple of years simply isn’t realistic for a business owner, unless they’re using the equipment daily and making money or otherwise profiting from the use of the equipment the way a national production company might be. When you outsource video production to a national film crew, you can expect that they’re going to have the top equipment to work with on your project and if they don’t, they’re going to have contacts in the area that they can rent or borrow the equipment and tools from.

  1. Creativity from a Group 

Sure, your team might be creative, but there’s something to be said about the level of creativity that a national film crew brings with them to a project. They’ll be able to view your project from an unbiased viewpoint and they’ll bring a new outlook to it. They might see things that you might overlook, and it could be incredibly powerful and particularly beneficial for your brand. Additionally, when you outsource video production you can expect multiple creative hands on your project which will result in advanced storytelling that is more powerful than the average business can provide.

  1. Reduced Bottlenecks & Faster Output

If you’re trying to grow the video marketing campaigns for your business, you’re probably going to want to ramp up your video production. This can be particularly challenging for a business that’s already busy with other projects and day-to-day operations. Hiring or outsourcing video production to a national film crew can help you to reduce bottlenecks in a number of ways. You’ll have the hands of multiple crew members working on your projects, should someone call out sick or fall behind, there’s someone to take their place and you can almost guarantee faster output which should equate to faster growth and faster return on investment for your brand.

  1. Budget Friendly Approach

Face it, when you hire a professional that lives and breathes video production they are able to provide you with their services and the use of their equipment for a fraction of what it would cost you to invest in all of the top quality gear upfront. In fact, for most brands, the decision to outsource video production to a national film crew is significantly more affordable than producing video content in-house. That’s why 21% of businesses outsource 100% of their filmmaking and 81% outsource at least some of their filmmaking to a professional film production company or freelance videographer.

So, if you’re trying to decide whether to outsource video production to a national firm like Beverly Boy Productions, or if you should keep your filmmaking in-house, consider these top reasons we think that outsourcing is great and then think about the 21% of brands that fully outsource rather than handle any of the production in house. They know what they’re doing!