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Pros & Cons of Working with a Video Production Company on a Case Study Video for Your Brand

Today’s consumers are harder than ever to please. With marketing ads pushed from every direction, all hours of the day, if you’re going to stand out to your prospects, you’re going to need more than just the same-old approach. That’s why case study videos should be at the top of your to-do list and, there can be several major benefits that come if you decide to hire a professional team to help you produce case study videos. This is where you should be thinking of hiring a Video Production Company. Case Study videos are integral to your success as a brand, and a production company is integral to your success in producing case studies.

There can be several major benefits that come from working with a video production company on case study videos that represent your business, brand, products, or services. Before you take another step or even consider a DIY approach to creating case study videos for your business, let’s talk about why you shouldn’t try to do this yourself!

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Do NOT DIY Video Production of a Case Study

Case study videos are data-driven testimonials that represent the success that your brand has had for a client or customer. While there’s no need to reinvent the wheel and most case study videos are just fine following a typical structure which includes problem introduction, solution, and results, a distinct difference lies between something having a known structure and something being “easy to do.” Case study videos are certainly structured similar from one to the next, but make no mistake – they are NOT easy to create.

Here are just a few reasons why you shouldn’t even think about trying to produce a case study without the help of a seasoned professional video production company:

– Great case studies require an amazing and powerful hook. Hooks are harder to create than they seem. For every 1000 hooks, there might be a small handful of them that are worthwhile.
– Selecting a spokesperson, customer, and experts to provide testimony as well as selecting an interviewer that can draw out the details of their stories can be quite the challenge, even for someone with experience.
– Data-driven stories are backed by – you guessed it, DATA. This is visually not always easy to portray. It really does take a professional.
– Staying on brand, engaging, and genuine with video is not something that just anyone can do – it really does take someone with a lot of skill.


These are just a few of the many reasons that you really shouldn’t skip ahead and attempt to film a video case study without the support of a full service Video Production Company. Case Study videos that stand out professionally can have profound value for your brand, but if they’re poorly produced they’ll stand out for all of the wrong reasons.

Pros & Cons of Hiring a Video Production Company for Case Study Videos


Now that you know why you really shouldn’t avoid the inevitable, checkout the following pros and cons that are bound to come up as a result of your decision to hire a Video Production Company. Case Study videos produced by a professional will have the following benefits:

– Quickly establishing credibility for your brand.
– Boosting engagement among your target audience as you nurture leads.
– Naturally driving leads further down the sales funnel and closer to becoming paid customers.
– Standing out against the competition for the right reasons.
– Proving to your target audience that your brand is trustworthy.
– Increasing conversions for your brand.

Of course, everything isn’t perfect so naturally we’ve got to talk about the potential lows or cons that could result from you hiring a Video Production Company. Case Study videos that are produced by a professional could:

– Take a bit of time, especially if you hire a professional that’s not ready to take on your project right away. You can mitigate the risk of lengthy production times by making your deadline clear upfront and being sure to submit any request or communications in a timely manner. This will speed things up quite a bit.

– Become outdated in a short period of time if you’re in an industry that is rapidly changing such as tech. Again, you can mitigate the risks by staying ahead of your competition with your research and being upfront with your production company about the need for rapid turnaround.

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What do you think of the pros and cons of working with a video production company? Case study videos aren’t going anywhere, so it’s rather important for you to get your brand on board. If you’re not already using case study videos to grow your business or brand, and you’re interested in getting started, give Beverly Boy Productions a call!