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5 Reasons Medical Animation Videos Have Extremely High Conversions

The use of medical animations to explain complex scientific topics and processes represents an ideal opportunity to deliver accurate information to key stakeholders for your business.

Whether producing medical animation videos for students to learn and grow their aptitude on medically controlled procedures, or creating content to help potential medical teams understand healthcare equipment necessary for patient procedures, animating complex processes or details makes it more interesting, engaging, and easy to understand. Medical animation videos have extremely high conversion rates when targeted to doctors, scientists, patients, or key stakeholders in your industry.

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1. Medical Animation Videos are Exciting

Animations are much more exciting to watch and learn from than a standard essay written on paper or in black-and-white. Consumers that watch medical animations are likely to stick around to the very end which means they not only get all of the important facts, data, and details of your topic, but they also see the CTA. Make it effective, and you’ll see high conversions from your medical animation films.

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2. Medical Animation Videos are Easy to Understand

Medical information in video form may not always be “easy” to understand, but they are most certainly “easier” to understand than a typical drawing, speech, or written explanation of a complex medical or scientific topic. Medical animations allow you to convey some of the most scientifically complex topics to viewers with ease. An audience that understands what they are seeing or being asked, is more likely to convert.


3. Medical Animation Videos Explain Topics Faster

While it could take several pages or hours of reading to understand certain complex topics, a medical animation allows for much of the data to be delivered in a significantly shorter amount of total time.

By providing imagery, text, and audible content, not only can multiple ideas be delivered at a single time, students or other audience viewers can digest the content quickly and more fully. In fact, we tend to recall up to 90% of what we see in animation versus just 20% of what we read.

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4. Medical Animation Videos Educate Consumer Audiences

Educating your audience is a key factor in developing sales or conversions. The more you can deliver content to your audience that educates and informs them, the better prepared they are to consider converting whether it’s setting an appointment, purchasing a healthcare supply, selling healthcare equipment to patients, or otherwise utilizing the information that they’ve gained.

5. Medical Animation Videos Are Unique

Medical animation videos represent a very unique form of content that is not like any other type of marketing message available. Not only that, but medical animations are scientifically accurate renditions of complex topics that must be fully explained in order for stakeholders to actively accept or promote your brand.

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